CHOICE Community Outreach: Materials & Best Practices

CHOICE Community Outreach Manual:
Materials and Best Practices
Marketing your LARC FIRST Practice
Community Outreach Table
CHOICE study findings
Method effectiveness cylinders
QR code
Method models
and info cut-outs
Candy to
attract visitors
Table runner with
Question wheel
Community Outreach
Method Cylinders:
Used to visualize the difference in effectiveness between LARC, refillable methods (birth control
pills, patch, and vaginal ring), and no method use
• Glass Cylinders—purchased at
Target $15/each
• Glitter Styrofoam Balls—
Purchased at Michaels Craft Store
• For instructions on creating the
cylinders, refer to:
Instructions for Creating Method
Effectiveness Cylinders
Birth Control Question Wheel:
Provides an interactive element to the community outreach table
• Wheel—purchased online at
Amazon $70
Questions can be changed to
cater toward different audiences,
depending on the outreach event
(i.e., adolescents, teachers,
general public, health
• For a list of CHOICE wheel
questions, refer to Community
Outreach Wheel Questions
Method Models & Facts:
Increases awareness about all methods of birth control in the community
Methods—Received from pharmaceutical rep
Method Info cut outs—printed on white paper; colorful cardstock backing;
laminated to preserve life
For printable versions, refer to Method Info Cutouts for Model Displays
Tablecloth & Runner:
Increases aesthetic value of the outreach table and improves visibility of the organization’s name
• Tablecloth—purchased online $100
– Table cloth has corner darts to fit an 8 ft. table. Can be inconvenient if outreach table is
• Table runner—purchased from local graphic design company $100
Retractable Display:
Vibrant colors help draw visitors to the table
• 36”x80” purchased at local
graphic design company $278
• Comes with convenient travelling
CHOICE Results Poster:
Technique used by CHOICE to disseminate preliminary study findings
• PDF design created by CHOICE;
replicated and enlarged on
sustainable material by local
graphic design company, $100
• For the PDF version of CHOICE
results, refer to CHOICE Study
Findings in the Evidence module
Community Outreach
Finding Outreach Opportunities
• Involve entire staff in the search
• Sign up for community listservs
• Conduct a web search for “upcoming
community health fairs”
• Network for upcoming events while at an
event (take and hand out business cards of/to
other exhibitors)
• Keep record of events for the following year
Tracking Community Outreach
• Keep track of events attended on a simple Microsoft
Excel or Word spreadsheet. For the CHOICE
spreadsheet, refer to:
Community Table Event Database
• Have staff keep tally on paper of how many people
visited the table during their shift at an event; enter
into spreadsheet afterward
• Keeping track helps decide whether to attend the
following year, as well as helps to evaluate your
marketing and outreach efforts
Other Logistics
• Best to have at least 2 staff persons available
for each shift at an event
• Outreach can help promote practice & gain
• Give out free items such as candy, pens,
buttons, or t-shirts
• Great opportunity for ‘on-the-spot’
contraceptive counseling and myth debunking

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