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The Wide World of Mobile
Solutions for Wineries
Embracing Mobile to Engage Your Audience
Increase Revenue
Mobile Solutions to Engage Your
 Lee Little
 Founder & CEO, Bar-Z
There is a Lot Going on in the Mobile Space!
 Native Apps Vs. Web Apps
 Responsive Design Websites Vs. “Mobi” Sites
 New Mobile Technology
Why Go Mobile?
 Engages Your Audience with Media, Unique
features, Navigation & Commercial
 Expands Your Reach - Locally &
 Creates New Communication & Revenue
 Offers tailored experiences for different –
Topics – History of your wine region,
winery tours, education
Audiences – Connoisseurs,
inexperienced wine drinkers
 Creates an environmentally-friendly “Green”
 Connects with the Technology Generation!
Millennial wine market is the fastest
growing wine segment
Join the Mobile Revolution!
 62% of Americans own a Smartphone with web access
 88% of Americans aged 18-29 own a Smartphone
 By the end of 2013, there were more
mobile devices on Earth than
 64% of affluent app users say they view
brands with apps more
 The number of US mobile coupon users will rise from 12.3 million in 2010 to
53.2 million in 2014, driven by the rapid adoption of Smartphones
 55% of consumers express an interest in mobile coupons but
only 10% have actually received one from a merchant
 Overall app use in 2013 posted 115%
year-over-year growth!
Native Apps vs. Web Apps
Both Options Present Advantages & Disadvantages – Ideally Provide Both
Native Apps – Designed for iPhone or Android, Downloaded from App Stores
Mobile Native Apps are Critical
 As of last year, apps from retail businesses took up to 27% of consumer’s time
Web Apps – “Mobile Friendly” Websites
Mobile-Friendly Websites Affect Your Brand
 67% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website
over one that is not optimized
 Mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014
Two Mobile Website Options:
1) Responsive Design Website
 Single Website designed to be accessed by any type of device
 Website adjusts to the size of the user’s screen
Separate Mobile Website or “.Mobi” site
 Different URL for desktop & mobile site
 Senses device type & responds with appropriate page
 Provides access to frequently visited pages, but not necessarily all pages
Native Apps vs. Web Apps
Feature – Quality
Native App
Web App
Popularity & User Experience
Offline Data Access
Uses All Hardware Features
Platform Agnostic
Gaming Experience
Technology/Programming language
Objective C
User needs to install anything on the phone?
Updates need to be installed
Revenue sharing model (iTunes/Android
100% to Developer
Distribution & Review System
App Store
Not available
Responsive Website or
Separate Mobile Website?
 Again, both options present pros & cons but Responsive Design Websites appear to
be the best option:
 One Website, Many Devices –
 Responsive websites have one URL & the same HTML code regardless of
 Provides a great user-experience across many devices & screen sizes
 Easier for users to share, interact with & link to than content that lives on a
separate mobile site
 Recommended by Google –
 Easier & more efficient for search engines to “crawl”
 Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile
configuration & an “industry best practice”
 Easier & Less Expensive to Manage –
 Changes to website are only done once
Responsive Design Website
Native Smartphone Apps
Apps are coded in a different programming language for each device “operating system” or
Apps are downloaded from different app stores for each operating system
Apple iOS Devices = App Store
Android OS Devices = Google Play
Apple iPhones / iPads & Androids are the dominant technologies
iPhone & Android
Dominate the Market
Native Apps Provide Better
“Location-based” Information
Native apps are GPS-based & offer locationaware information:
Where Am I?
 What’s Around Me?
Location-Based Features Include:
Integrated Mapping
Dynamic Distance Measurements
– How far away is the next winery?
Turn-by-Turn Routing
– How do I get to the winery?
GPS Triggering - Proactively alert users when
they have reached a location
“Around Me” Features – Display a map based
on the user’s location
New Mobile Technology
 New Mobile Technology can be used in
Innovative Ways
Engage Users
Deliver Educational Information
Increase Revenue
Promote Events
 iBeacons
 QR Codes
 Push Notifications
 Passport & Loyalty Programs
 Social Media Integration
 Digital Coupons
 In-App Advertising
 Fun Interactive Elements
 Digital Souvenirs
 Contests
 New Technology Introduced by Apple
 Indoor Positioning System
Location-Aware, Context-Aware
Sends notifications of items nearby – Coupons
 A small hardware device and Smartphone “speak” to each other using Bluetooth
QR Codes
 QR Codes are two-dimensional
barcodes that can be scanned with a
Smartphone to bring up information
 Perfect for bringing up content that
cannot be triggered via GPS
 QR code scanner is embedded in
 Use QR codes to create display
signage for users to scan
 Information about varietals
 History of the winery
Push Notifications
 Allows you to send out short “tweet-
style” notification messages to app users
New Winery on the App
Upcoming Events
Winner of Contest Announced
 Keep your app “top of mind” & users
coming back
 Users are prompted to opt-in to receive
push notifications
 Notifications are sent when app is open,
minimized or closed
 Users dismiss notification after viewing
Passport & Loyalty Programs
 A loyalty and exploration mechanism
 Akin to a real-world Passport, frequent
visitor card, loyalty program card, etc.
 Create an interactive component for users
 Increase visitation & spending at
participating wineries
 Encourage repeat use of your app
 The user visits and/or purchases at a
participating location, receives a ‘stamp’ on
their Passport
 After a number of stamps have been
collected, the user can redeem for a reward
Collect User Information
 Stay connected with
consumers and build your
 Collect user information for
email newsletters, contests,
 Completely customizable to
your desired text, field labels,
formats and what’s required
for submission
Go Social!
 Connect with Users through Social
 Build “Word of Mouth” Online
 Free Marketing!
 Users can “Like” your organization
or member wineries on Facebook
and “Follow” you on Twitter
 Users can “Share” information from
apps to their friends & family via
social media
 Twitter “tweets”
 Facebook Status Updates
 Email
Offer Digital Coupons
 Use for promotional offers to
encourage additional consumer
spending –
 Onsite events & Festivals
 Merchandise in Gift Shop
 Partner with Local businesses
 Restaurants
 B & Bs
 Local Attractions
 Redeemable to discourage over-
Use In-App Advertising
 Add Advertising to Support Your
 Off-set the cost of the
 Promote Events
 Work with partner businesses
 B&Bs, Restaurants, Local
Banner ads
Full screen interstitial ads
Sponsored Listings
Ads click through to specific URL
landing pages
Offer Fun Interactive Features
Bar-Z Creates Mobile Solutions
 Mobile Solutions Development Firm
 Located in Austin, TX
 Founded in 2005, Over 300 apps and over 2m downloads
 Full-Digital Platform
 Software-as-a-Service
 We Build & Manage Your apps
 Central Content Management System
 Mobile Responsive Design Websites
 iPhone & Android Native Apps
Thank You
[email protected]

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