NSS 2013 Presentation

What is the National Student Survey?
Annual survey of final year* undergraduates across
the UK
Commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council
for England on behalf of all the funding bodies
Fully supported by the National Union of Students
Conducted by Ipsos MORI
Quick and easy to complete.
* Some exceptions apply
What will the NSS ask me?
Widely recognised as a key measure of satisfaction, the survey looks
at a range of areas including:
The teaching on my course
Assessment & feedback
Academic support
Organisation & management
Learning resources
Personal development
Overall satisfaction
Students’ Union (Association or Guild)
How are the results used?
The NSS results are made publicly available to
help prospective students make informed
decisions of where and what to study.
Institutions are provided with the anonymised
data to help them identify areas where they are
doing well, as well as areas for development,
for the purpose of improving the student
learning experience for future generations of
Speak Up!
As a result of what students have said, institutions have made changes:
Examples include:
Enhanced teacher student communications,
Reviewed/developed feedback systems and methods of assessment,
Improved support measures such as personal tutorial
sessions and enhanced induction programmes,
Made timetable improvements and explored course
content and design,
Reviewed and improved access to IT resources, study
spaces and text books /e books,
Provided additional study opportunities to develop key
skills and offered enhanced careers support.
To take part…
Ipsos MORI will send you an email inviting you to
take part in the survey during [survey start week]
You can also complete the survey at
Your responses to the survey are anonymised
Contact details used only for the NSS
It could be worth your while [details of prize draw
/ incentive].
Online and via your smartphone
You can now complete the NSS online or via your smartphone:
Go to www.thestudentsurvey.com
Follow the link in your email invitation
Scan the NSS Quick Response code
with your smartphone (you may need to
download a free QR reader app).
Will my responses remain private?
The survey is undertaken independently by
Ipsos MORI
The NSS respects student privacy
Responses are confidential
At no point will students be identified to their
institution - your responses to the survey are
Contact details are used only for the NSS.
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