Technology Council Report (June 2014) (PowerPoint)

Bjarne W. Olesen
[email protected]
Incoming Chair, Technology Council
Seattle Summer Conference, 2014
Members First Newsletter: All CTTC should receive
a copy,
E & P: Available for 17 different committee
meetings in Seattle. Three dedication rooms will
support these meetings.
 Internet available in all hotel meeting rooms
New high profile standards published in 2013
Standard 90.1 Energy, non-residential
Standard 62.1 Ventilation, non-residential
Standard 62.2 Ventilation, residential
Standard 55 Thermal Comfort
Coming in Fall 2014
 Standard 189.1 High Performance, non-residential
New approved standard projects
 Method of Test to Determine Leakage Airflows and
Fractional Leaking of Operating Air-Handling
 Methods of Test for Determining Application Date of
Overhead Circulator Fans
 Non-Emergency Ventilation in Enclosed Road, Rail
and Mass Transit Facilities
 Partnering with NAHB and ICC on the revision of the
ICC-700 NAHB National Green Building Standard
 High Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC
New procedure and format for PD
Energy Position Document
Commissioning Position Document:
Ammonia as a Refrigerant:
Indoor Combustion in Developing Countries:
Airborne Infectious Diseases:
Unvented Combustion Devices and Indoor Air Quality
Air Filtration and Cleaning:
Position Documents online at:
◦ Revision not accepted. PD expired
◦ on hold
◦ Committee close to approving revision to PD.
◦ Committee established
◦ revision published
◦ revision for reaffirmation not accepted
◦ Committee close to approving this new PD
EHC roadmap is currently being developed, which
will include short, medium and long-term research
◦ Ongoing research includes
 RP-1491, Literature and Product Review and Cost
Benefit Analysis of Commercially Available Ozone Air
Cleaning for HVAC Systems
 RP-1603, Role of HVAC Systems in the Transmission
of Infections Agents in Buildings and Intermodal
Approved Work Statements Released for Bid in spring 2014
1569-TRP, CFD Study of Hydraulic Shock in Two-Phase Anhydrous Ammonia - REBID;
Responsible Committee: TC 10.3 (Refrigerant Piping); Co-Sponsors: None.
1627-TRP, An Evaluation of the Actual Energy Performance of Small Office and K-12 School
Buildings Designed in Accordance with the 30% ASHRAE Advanced energy Design Guides;
Responsible Committee: TC 2.8 (Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability ; CoSponsors: AEDG Steering Committee;
1630-TRP, “Update the Scientific Evidence for Specifying Lower Limit Relative Humidity Levels
for Comfort, Health, and IEQ in Occupied Spaces;” Responsible Committee: TC 5.11
(Humidifying Equipment); Co-Sponsors: TC 9.6 (Healthcare Facilities) None. Co-funding: AHRTI
25% up to $15k
1663-TRP, “Residential IAQ Guide;” Responsible Committee: EHC (Environmental Health
Committee); Co-Sponsors: None.
1681-TRP, “Low Energy Lighting Heat Gain Distribution in Buildings;” Responsible Committee:
TC 4.1 (Load Calculation Data and Procedures); Co-Sponsors: None.
Encourage chapter members who cannot attend the
bi-annual ASHRAE meetings to engage with TCs and
become corresponding members.
Quick TAC Facts:
 3672 TC Volunteers total – 16% increase since 2011
 366 TC Volunteers reside outside of U.S. & Canada
 295 TC Volunteers are Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA)
 85% of Technical Program in Seattle sponsored by TCs
 Over 200 Handbook chapters are maintained by TCs
New research projects awarded since New York meeting:
1624-TRP, Effective Energy-Efficient School Classroom Ventilation for Temperate Zones; Responsible Committee: TC 2.1
(Physiology and Human Environment); Co-Sponsors: None. Contractor: Technical University of Denmark; Duration: 33
months; Cost to ASHRAE: $182,481
1635-TRP, Simplified Procedure for Calculating Exhaust/Intake Separation Distances; Responsible Committee: TC 4.3
(Ventilation Requirements & Infiltration); Co-Sponsors: None. Contractor: CPP, Inc.; Duration: 12 months; Cost to
ASHRAE: $70,000
1645-TRP, Development of New Accelerated Corrosion Tests for All-American Micro-channel and Tube and Fin Heat
Exchangers; Responsible Committee: TC 8.4 (Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Transfer Equipment); Co-Sponsors: TC 8.11
(Unitary and Room Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps). Contractor: University of North Texas; Duration: 36 months; Cost
to ASHRAE: $179,254
1673-TRP, Revision of the ASHRAE HVAC Design Guide for Tall Commercial Buildings; Responsible Committee: TC 9.12
(Tall Buildings); Co-Sponsors: None. Contractor: B&S Analytics; Duration: 6 months; Cost to ASHRAE: $90,000
1682-TRP, CFD and Experimental Study to Determine Loss Coefficients of Individual and Close-Coupled Round Elbows;
Responsible Committee: TC 5.2 (Duct Design); Co-Sponsors: None. Contractor: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University;
Duration: 18 months; Cost to ASHRAE: $117,719
1699-TRP, Update Climatic Design Data in Chapter 14 of the 2017 Handbook of Fundamentals; Responsible Committee:
TC 4.2 (Climatic Information); Co-Sponsors: None. Contractor: Klimaat Consulting & Innovations, Inc.; Duration: 24
months; Cost to ASHRAE: $150,000
1712-TRP, “Development of the ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor-Systems;” Responsible Committee: TC 8.10
(Mechanical Dehumidification Equipment and Heat Pipes); Co-Sponsors: TC 5.5 (Air-to-Air Energy Recovery). Contractor:
Sustainable Engineering Group, LLC; Duration: 30 months; Cost to ASHRAE: $150,000
Quick RAC Facts:
107 TC experts volunteered to write WSs & RTARs in Year 13-14
$164k & 20 months is the average cost & duration of ASHRAE
Research Projects now
309 Technical Committee volunteers are monitoring progress on
63 active projects
71% of active research projects are being conducted at universities
856 ASHRAE Research Projects valued at $69.1 million started
since 1960
A contract with the United Nations Environment
Programme (UNEP) is in negotiations now to develop a
“Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and
Systems” based in part on the work from RP-1634,
Guide for Sustainable Refrigerated Facilities and
Refrigeration Systems and targeted to refrigerated
system owners, operators, and technicians in rapidly
growing A5 countries.
Refrigeration Commissioning Guide approved for and
available for download at
REF sponsored seminar 39 for Seattle on “The Road to
Success with the New Refrigeration Commissioning
Technology Council

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