Smart Snacks in Schools – August 2014

Presented By:
Matthew Kirchoff
Smart Snacks:
• Supplements efforts to implement the new school meal patterns to
provide a healthy school nutrition environment
• Ensuring that all food and beverages purchased out of the school
breakfast/lunch program are tasty and nutritious
•Effective July 1, 2014
•Applies to foods sold:
• Outside the school meal programs
• On the school campus, and
• At any time during the school day
•Law can be found at:
Smart Snacks:
•Where standards apply:
• Items sold:
• A la carte
• In vending machines
• At school stores
• During fundraisers
• Any other venue that sells food/beverages to students during the school
• School campus – all areas of the property under jurisdiction of the
school that are accessible to students during the school day
• School day – the period from midnight before, to 30 minutes after the
end of the official school day
Smart Snacks:
Food Component
•Applies to all grade levels
•Must meet 2 sets of standards:
• General Standards – must meet ONE of the following:
• Be a whole grain-rich product OR
• Contain 1 of the other major food groups as the 1st ingredient OR
• Be a combination food with at least ¼ cup fruit and/or vegetable OR
• Contain 10% of the Daily Value of 1 nutrient of public health
concern (calcium, potassium, vitamin-D, dietary fiber)
• Nutrient Standards – must meet ALL of the following:
• Total fat, Saturated fat, Trans fat, Sodium, Calories and sugar
Smart Snacks:
Beverage Component
•Varies by grade level
•Beverages for all grade levels:
Smart Snacks:
Beverage Component
•Other Beverages in High School
• Calorie-Free Beverages
• Maximum Serving Size: 20 fluid ounces
• Lower Calorie Beverages:
• Maximum Serving Size 12 fluid ounces
Up to 60 calories per 12 fluid ounces OR
• Up to 40 calories per 8 fluid ounces
• Caffeine
• No caffeine restrictions in the High School
• Cannot be served in Elementary and Middle Schools
Smart Snacks:
•All foods that meet the Smart Snacks standards may be sold
at fundraisers on the school campus during the school day
without limit on frequency
•Smart Snacks standards do not apply to items sold during
non-school hours, weekends, or off-campus fundraising
Smart Snacks:
Solanco’s Impact
•Top 3 a la carte sellers grades 6-12:
• Homemade cookies (3.5oz.)
• Turkey Tea Varieties/Milk (16oz.)
• Herr’s Chips
• Average per month $20,000 a la carte sales
• $8,000 is from Turkey Hill Drinks
• $4,000 is from Homemade cookies
• $3,000 is from Herr’s Chips
Smart Snacks:
Solanco’s Impact
•What we can sell:
• To replace Homemade cookies:
• Serve 2 oz. whole grain cookie
• To replace Turkey Hill Drinks:
• Swiss 12 oz. drinks (Tea and Milk)
• Gatorade G2
• Flavored Water
• 100 % Fruit Juices
• To replace Herr’s Chips:
• Smartfood Delight White Cheddar Popcorn
• Reduced Fat Doritos
• Reduced Fat Tostitos Chips
• Sunchips Snack Mix

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