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Though the actual origin of field hockey – or just hockey – is unknown, the
common idea was central: “hitting a ball with a stick.” Archeologists have
found 4,000 simplistic drawing of men playing hockey in the Beni Hasan
tombs in the Nile Valley of Egypt. At one point, different versions of the
sport began popping up over Europe. England played “cambuca,” the
Netherlands played “het kolven,” Scotland played “shinty,” and France played
“jeu de mail.” Hockey became especially famous among the royalty; but not all
of them. King Edward III of England set a decree in 1363 that stated:
“Moreover, we ordain that you prohibit under penalty of imprisonment all
and sundry from such stone, wood and iron throwing; handball, football, or
hockey; coursing and cock-fighting, or other such idle games.” Women’s field
hockey was started in British Universities in the 1880’s. The Molesey Ladies
Hockey Club was founded in 1887. This club later made way for the
International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations (IFWHA) in 1927.
Stop! Take this quiz to show your Knowledge
1) What does dribbling the ball mean in field hockey?
Running while keeping the ball at the end of the hockey stick.
2) What is [rotating] dribbling?
Rotating the hockey stick over the ball.
3) Why is dribbling necessary?
To have good control over the ball.
4) Which other ball can the hockey ball be compared ?
The baseball
5) How much can a hockey ball weigh?
5 ½ oz to 5 ¾ oz.
6) What must the circumference of the hockey ball be?
8 13/16 inches to 9 ¼ inches.
7) What skill is essential in field hockey?
Fast movement.
8) Which sides of the hockey stick are allowed to be used?
The flat side (left side) and hooked side (edge).
9) What does a goalkeeper need?
Leg pads and a helmet as well as a separate uniform.
10) How large can a goalkeeper’s leg pad be?
12 inches wide.
Quiz continued
11) How old were the drawings that archeologist found of hockey?
4,000 years old.
12) What was hockey called in England?
13) Which King of England outlawed ball sports such as hockey?
King Edward III.
14) What year did King Edward III outlaw ball sports such as field hockey?
15) Where did archeologist find the 4,000 years old drawings?
Beni Hasan tombs in the Nile Valley of Egypt.
16) What as always been the central point/goal of hockey?
Hitting a ball with a stick.
17) What must all hockey players wear?
Mouth and shin guards of either lightweight foam or plastic.
18) Which stick provides both control and hard hits?
Middle stick.
19) How are hockey games started?
Coin toss by the Umpire.
20) How many players does each team have?
11 plus 5 benched.
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