K Orientation 2014-15 - Hollifield Station Elementary School

Hollifield Station
Elementary School
Facebook: “Hollifield Station Elementary PTA”
Internet: www.HSESPTA.net
PTA Main Fundraiser
• Boosterthon Fun Run- www.boosterthon.com
– September 30th- October 9th
– Students get donation $ for laps they will
– FUN RUN on Thursday, October 9th
(pre-k -2nd grade) and (3-5th grade) runs in the
morning. Come cheer your kids on!!
– MORE INFO on www.hsespta.net and Facebook!
Boosterthon Fun Run
PTA Budget:
Where do we spend our money?
60% Curriculum Enhancement:
sponsor assemblies and demonstrations that provide hands on learning
which enhance classroom instruction. Last year we
provided over 18
• 20% Family Fun:
FREE social events for the whole family. Examples are Kindergarten
Popsicle Social, Family Movie Night, Back to School Social, Family Bingo,
February Dance, and the Year End Celebration.
• 12% Hospitality Committee:
hosts activities for the school staff such as the Welcome Back to School
lunch, dinners at conference times, and daily treats during Teacher
Appreciation Week.
• 92% of budget goes right back to HSES children and
We Need You!
Our Vision
& Mission
Every student is
inspired to learn
and empowered
to excel
We cultivate a vibrant
learning community that
prepares students to thrive
in a dynamic world
HSES Mission, Vision, and Goals
• Our mission is to provide a nurturing learning
environment that fosters academic excellence and
promotes responsible attitudes and behaviors
within a diverse community.
• Our mission is to promote academic excellence
through interdisciplinary, project based learning
while fostering respect for diversity, responsibility
for each other and our environment, and
readiness to meet the needs of our changing
Every student achieves academic
excellence in an inspiring, engaging, and
supportive environment.
The Maryland Common Core
State Standards:
• Are aligned with college and work
• Are clear, understandable, and consistent
• Include rigorous content and application of
knowledge through high-order skills;
The Maryland Common Core
State Standards:
• Build on strengths and lessons of current state
• Are informed by other top-performing
countries, so that all students are prepared to
succeed in a global economy and society
• Are evidence-based.
For More Information
on the Common Core
• Smart Pages
• www.corestandards.org
Goal 1: Students
Hope, Well-Being and Engagement are the noncognitive pieces we need to address.
Hope, Well-Being and Engagement are also
equally accurate predictors of success as
academic assessments.
Dr. Renee Foose, HCPSS Superintendent
Hope: the ideas and energy we have for the
Hope drives attendance, credits earned, and GPA
of high school students.
Hope predicts GPA and retention
in college, and hope scores are more robust predictors
of college success than are high school GPA, SAT, and
ACT scores.
Engagement: the involvement
in, and enthusiasm for school.
distinguishes between highperforming and low-performing
Well-Being: how we think about and
experience our lives.
Well-being tells us how our students
are doing today and predicts their success in
the future.
High school freshmen with high well-being
earn more credits with a higher GPA than
peers with low well-being..
Strengths +
Hope, Engagement, Well Being
= Academic Success
Growth Mindset & Effective Praise
Home-School Connection
• We are equal partners in your child’s
• Parent information sessions
• Communication
• Collaboration for student success
• Class Dojo
Susan Castelbaum,
School Counselor
Nancy Hammer
School Psychologist
• Train Tickets
• Caught Being Your Best
• Station Call Assemblies
• Club Fridays
Golden Ticket!
Bullying, Harassment,
Intimidation Policy & Reporting
• Classroom guidance lessons
• Reporting forms available
online and in HSES office
• See Something, Say
• Reporting v. tattling
Parent Portal
Replacement Clothing for Students
Before & After Care – Mrs. Dell Ashley
School Meals
•Breakfast $2.00/.30
Lunch $2.75/.40
•Point of Sale: PIN number for each student
•Parents manage payment at
•Will accept checks today only, and at Grade 1-5
Back to School Nights September 8 & 9 6:308:00 PM
New Breakfast Items
• Breakfast Breaks (All Schools)
–All Components in One Bag
–Grab & Go
–Seven (7) Variations
–One Offered Each Day
• Milk and Fresh Fruit Offered As A Part Of
The Breakfast
New Lunch Items
Peanut Butter & Jelly Plate
Yogurt Cheese Fruit Combo
Chicken Nuggets
Burger Sliders
Chicken Tacos
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Mashed Potato Bowl with Popcorn Chicken
Kosher Hot Dog
A La Carte Offerings - Elementary
Soy Milk
4 oz. Apple Juice
4 oz. Orange Juice
8 oz. Water
Frozen Fruit Juice Cup
Fresh Vegetable
Fresh Fruit
Soft Pretzel
Mozzarella Cheese Stick
Whole Grain Muffin
4 oz. Yogurt
Free and Reduced Meal Program
applications available at HSES or online at
Parents can put money on children’s
accounts with cash or check today. Food
& Nutrition Service Staff are here to
process payments.
Payments can also be made online at
Contact Information
• Lisa Booth, Principal
• ([email protected])
• Tracey Albright, Assistant Principal
([email protected])
• Susan Castelbaum, School Counselor
([email protected])
• Nancy Hammer, School Psychologist
([email protected])

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