Warm Up Response

Week 18, Day One
HW # 62 - Study for the Individual Exam
Warm up
Mr. Lee had a bag of red beans and a bag of black beans. 20%
of the total number of beans were black, and there were 180
oz. more red beans than black beans. He transferred some
red beans to the bag containing black beans so that the bag
now contained 30% of the total number of beans. How many
ounces of beans were there in the bag of mixed beans?
Warm Up Response
Since each part is 20%
20% x 3 = 60%
3 equal parts are 60%
60%  180 oz
10%  180 oz / 6 = 30 oz
10% of the total number of beans was 30oz
30 %  30 oz * 3 = 90 oz
There were 90 oz of beans in the bag of mixed
Homework Check
You should have worked on the group test.
• Check your answers with your table. Work on the
problems that were difficult for you or on which
your answers do not agree.
• We will check work as a class near the end of the
• Complete Area and Volume worksheet

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