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Facts about TATRA
Taforge a.s. belongs to the TATRA, a.s.
Facts about TATRA
• One of the six oldest automobile
companies in the world
• Offering a wide range of trucks
• TATRA trucks have great performance
both on roads, and in difficult off-road
and climate conditions
• TATRA trucks provide high mobility and
high loading capacity, they are reliable
and easy to maintain
Facts about TATRA
Taforge a.s. history
1853 – Forge founded by Ignác Šustala
1887 – Production of carriages launched
1897 – First TATRA car produced
1920 –TATRA brand introduced; railroad car and
automobile company built
• 1957 – New forge and related operations
• 1996 – Kovárna TATRA, a.s. company founded
• 2002 – Kovárna TATRA, a.s. renamed Taforge a.s.
Facts about Taforge
• Market leader in die forgings in the
Czech Republic
• Wide range of forgings available in
various weights
• Comprehensive solution: forging design,
tool production, forging production, heat
treatment, chip machining
Facts about Taforge
• Product assortment for:
– Automotive industry
– Railroad industry
– Handling and construction machinery
– Construction machines and equipment
– Agriculture industry
Taforge at present
• Strong technical background with
comprehensive use of technologies:
– CAD/CAM technology
– 2D and 3D SW NX solutions
– Simufact - simulation of forming processes
– MIG/MAG welding machines and CNC
machines used in die production
– EBS Oracle information system
• Quality control standards pursuant to ISO
9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16 949:2009
• Hammers: impact energy of 40 – 250 kJ
• Crank forging presses: forming force of 15,000 –
65,000 kN
• Horizontal forging presses: forming force of 2,500
– 20,000 kN
• Spindle presses: forming force of 1,000 – 10,000
• Sizing presses (toggle presses): forming force of
20,000 kN
• Rolling machine for transverse rolling: maximum
diameter of 100 mm
Production of forgings
Design of forgings and stampings
Simulation of forming processes
Design and production of forging and
forming tools
• Commercial and technical consultancy
• Heat treatment
(quenching and tempering, normalizing, and isothermal
• Shot blasting and pickling in sulfuric
• Cold sizing
• Straightening on hydraulic presses
• Sawing of metallurgical semi-products
(cold and hot cutting and sawing of material)
• Other heat treatment methods
(painting, mechanical machining according to
Product range
• Rotating forgings of alloy or carbon
– outer diameter: 50 – 400 mm; forged on toggle
presses with forming force of 15,000 – 65,000 kN
• Steel shafts
– diameter: 30 – 120 mm; maximum length: 900 mm,
– various stepped diameters
• Upset forgings
– maximum size of original material:
diameter: 100 mm; length: 2,000 mm
– maximum diameter of upset part: 220 mm
Product range
• Connecting rods
– maximum diameter of input material: 100 mm, from
transverse rolled preforms
Steering arms
Smith forgings: up to 150 kg
Hot stampings
Design and production of tools
Forgings of different shapes
Product range
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