Diapositive 1

Events :
Tuesday, April 1st at 7pm
The Mayor of Toulouse is pleased to invite
you to the welcome reception will take
place in its impressive Salle des Illustres, in
the City Hall of the Capitole.
Wednesday, April 2 at 7 pm
The banquet dinner will be held in the historical Hôtel
d’Assezat, in the city center of Toulouse.
The Hôtel d’Assezat was built in the second half of the
XVIth century for Pierre Assézat, a prosperous
merchant in the pastel trade that flourished at the
time. Pierre Assézat came to Toulouse from the town
of Espalion in the early XVIth century to join older
brothers already involved in the business, and became
the heir and successor to the business in 1545
He was married to the
daughter of Toulouse's
magistrate, who was also
officer general to the
dowager Queen Eleanor
of Austria. Pierre Assézat
himself became Capitoul
of the town in 1552

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