East Carolina University Financial Services, MS 203 3800 E. 10th St. 2nd Floor Sharon Cullipher * Cindy Modlin Virginia Bridgman * Shalin Hale.

East Carolina University
Financial Services, MS 203
3800 E. 10th St. 2nd Floor
Sharon Cullipher * Cindy Modlin
Virginia Bridgman * Shalin Hale
A new process has been established to obtain
signatures on Fund Authorities
◦ DocuSign will allow departments to create and revise
Fund Authorities electronically
◦ Approvers can access the forms through their e-mail and
provide their electronic signature
◦ This will reduce the time it takes to complete these
documents and the documents can be signed from
anywhere with email access
Type of Fund
Overhead/Indirect Cost
Institutional Trust
Auxiliary Funds
Restricted for Scholarships
Restricted for other use
Endowments Restricted for
Scholarships or other use
Banner Fund Begins With:
310, 311, 312, 316, 317
24, 25, 27
2E, 6R, 6C, 6Z
Contact the ITF Office to determine if the fund
purpose meets the criteria of an ITF
Submit a New Fund Authority form to the ITF
Office via DocuSign
◦ New Fund Authority Form
If appropriate, complete a Sales Activity
Questionnaire via DocuSign – This will be determined by
your answer to “Type of Institutional Trust Fund Requested” on the
Fund Request Form
◦ Sales Activity Questionnaire
Once the ITF Office has set up the fund, an
approval letter along with a copy of the approved
Fund Authority form will be sent to the signers
Follow the link to the New Fund
Authority Form
Complete the signer information
◦ Preparer, Dean, and Vice Chancellor
approvals MUST be completed. Dept.
Chair and Optional CC approvals are
The form will Automatically
route to the appropriate parties
in the ITF Accounting Offices
Once the form opens, select the
check box to agree and then
Fill in the required information on the Fund
Request Form (pg. 1) and Fund Authority Form
(pg. 2)
◦ All boxes outlined in red MUST be completed
Please attach all relevant information by selecting
the check box at the bottom of pg. 2 and clicking
on the paperclip icon. This will allow you to attach
a document from your computer
◦ The attachment will be added as an additional page(s) to
the document
Once everything is filled out, click the “SIGN”
button on the Fund Request Form and the Fund
Authority Form
Click “Finish” and the
document will
automatically send to
the next approver
◦ You will be sent a
confirmation email
An email will be sent to the next approver with a
“View Documents” link. Open the link, select the
check box to agree and then “Continue”
Review the information entered by the preparer.
If no corrections are needed, click “SIGN”
If corrections are needed:
◦ Make the correction
before signing
◦ Or select “Other Actions”
and “Decline to Sign”
Click “Finish.”
Document will forward
to next approver
Revise Fund Authorities for changes in ORGN,
responsible party, purpose, or source of revenue
Submit a revised Fund Authority form with the
changes and appropriate signature approvals to
the ITF Office via DocuSign
◦ Revised Fund Authority
A copy of the approved Fund Authority form will
be sent to the signers once the ITF Office has made
the changes
*For ORGN changes: move transactions and budget to
the new FOAP, including payroll redistributions
Follow the link to the Revised Fund Authority
The basic DocuSign steps are the same as the New
Fund Authority
The Fund Request Form and Sales Activity
Questionnaire are only required for new funds,
therefore they are not included on the Revised
Fund Authority Form
Completely fill out the Revised Fund Authority
making the desired changes
Attach any relevant information and
correspondence regarding the changes
Call the ITF Office if you have any questions. We
will be happy to set up a training session if you
need further instruction
Make sure all necessary signer names and emails
are completed correctly because you can’t go back
and add approvers
The link to the forms can be found in this
presentation as well as on the ITF website
For ORGN changes: move transactions and budget
to the new FOAP, including payroll redistributions
To prevent the need for revisions when personnel
changes occur, use Position Titles instead of
names in the Authority for Disbursements section
of the Fund Authority Form
New Fund Authority Form
Active and current Fund Authorities can now be
viewed in Xtender
◦ Quick access to most recent Fund Authorities
◦ Can search by ORGN or by what the fund begins with (ex.
141* - will bring up all funds in your ORGN range that
begin with 141)
Journal Voucher Entries (JVE)can be viewed in
◦ Allows user to check the entry for correctness
◦ Shows entry, all signature, and backup
Before Fund Authorities or JVEs can be viewed, a
Banner Security Xtender request will have to be
submitted in OneStop
◦ Click Banner Security Request, click Xtender, choose the
Finance drop-down box, select FS-FUND AUTHORITIES,
◦ In the comments section, specify that you will need print
access if you would like to be able to print the Fund
Authority Forms
Access is granted based on ORGN level Access.
To look up active Fund Authorities, follow the
Xtender link. A new page will appear prompting
you to enter your Xtender username and
To search for Fund Authorities, Right click on the
FS_FUNDAUTH folder and select “New Query” or
double click on the FS_FUNDAUTH folder
Type in the Fund/ORGN you want to view and
click “Submit”
◦ You can also use the “*” as a wildcard
Double click the fund you want to view to open the
scanned Fund Authority
If a document has more than one page, use the
arrows towards the top of the page to navigate the
Before you can use
Xtender to look up
JVEs, you must first
look up the
Document number
in SSB
◦ Go to Onestop,
Banner Self Service,
Finance tab, ECU
Budget Queries,
Create Query. Type in
Fund, Organization,
and Account. Click
Submit Query.
Click on the dollar amount listed under FY15/PD14 Year to
The next screen has your document number
Login to Xtender
 Right click on the FS-DOCS folder and select
“New Query” or double click on the FS-DOCS
Type in the Document Number found in SSB
Double click on the Document Number
Your BJV will appear. To get to the attached
backup, use the navigation arrows.
To view JVEs using INB, first login to INB
On the home screen, Type FGIBDST in the Go To
Box. Hit the Tab button on your keyboard to move
to the next screen
Type the Fund number in the Index box, hit tab,
enter the ORGN number in the Organization box if
not already filled in, tab to the Account box and
enter account number. Push the Next Block
button to run query
To look up documents, click once in the Account
box. Press F3 button on keyboard
The next screen will bring up all transactions that
have occurred in that account to date this fiscal
year. Find the transaction you are looking for and
click once on the document number
At the top of the banner screen, click the
magnifying glass image to pull the document up in
A new window will open and have the document
listed. Double click on the document number to
pull up the document.
Please feel free to call us
with any questions or concerns.
We are here to offer guidance and support!
Virginia Bridgman
[email protected]
Endowments, Scholarships,
Distinguished Professorships
Shalin Hale
[email protected]
Personnel actions, Payroll
Sharon Cullipher
[email protected]
Fund Set-up/Maintenance,
JVEs, Spending Guidelines
Cindy Modlin
[email protected]
Accounting Manager,
Financial Statements

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