04 - Lesson 13 PP - Lord Capulet and patriarchal power

Act 3 Scene 5: Part 3 (Lord
Capulet’s language of power)
Key question:
How does Shakespeare convey Lord Capulet’s
power and authority in Act 3 Scene 5?
• A society which is controlled by men
• In which ways is the play/ its events
controlled by men?
As we read lines 126-137
• Find a piece of evidence which shows that
Capulet cares for his daughter.
• STAGING: As we read the rest of the
section between Juliet and her father, look
out for an action on her part which shows
her lack of power.
Analysing language and spotting
Which quotations show women as possessions or animals?
Which are linked to Capulet’s concern about his
Hang, beg, starve, die
on the streets
‘Speak not, reply not,
do not answer me’
‘I give you to my friend’
‘I will drag thee on a hurdle’
I’ll not be forsworn
(made to go back on
my promise)
Writing an analytical paragraph
When Lord Capulet becomes angry because Juliet
will not obey his wish and agree to marry Paris,
he asserts his power by speaking to Juliet as if she
were an object he can control. He says “I will
drag you on a hurdle’. This shows that he will be
in control of where she goes, even if she does not
want to, suggested by the word ‘drag’. ‘Drag’ also
sounds violent and shows he doesn’t care what
she wants to do or whether it will hurt her.
Ultimately, it shows that as her father, he has the
power to decide what she does and who she
marries, as is the case in a patriarchal society.
Your turn: Writing a paragraph
(lines 149-196)
• Lord Capulet asserts his power by referring
to Juliet as….
– Can you give a quotation and explain it? (not the
one I used)
– Can you comment on HOW it is written
(language used)
– Why does he do this - can you make a relevant
comment about the time the play was written?
– Can you link to another quotation and explain
DISCUSS: What is your response to
the Capulets’ treatment of Juliet?
• What is your reaction to Lord Capulet’s
treatment of Juliet?
• Who do you think is the worse parent –
Lord or Lady Capulet? Can you
understand their situation at all (think
about the time the play was written and
the pressures on parents)? Explain.
Homework: How does
Shakespeare present Juliet’s
relationship with her parents in
Act 3?

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