1 to 1 Tuition

1 to 1 Tuition
Implementation and
Impact in a Junior
Finding Tutors!
 Training for tutors.
 Paperwork.
 Parental involvement.
 Monitoring.
 Feedback.
Impact of tutoring.
All children have made progress.
 Child confidence.
 Professional dialogue.
 Job satisfaction.
Tutor Comments
I’ve really enjoyed seeing
the pupil grow in confidence
and have a go at more than
they would in class.
It has enabled the pupil to
work on areas they keep
getting ‘stuck’ on.
The one to one sessions
help you really get an idea
of where the pupil has
strengths and weaknesses
and it enables you to help
them develop their
preferred strategies.
Pupil Comments
It’s fun and you don’t get
It helped me a lot to join
in with lessons and be
confident enough to put
my hand up to answer
maths questions.
It helped me do the work
It made a difference
(knowing the tutor)
because they were not
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