9 Literature: *Through the Tunnel* pp. 22-29

Through the Tunnel
by Doris Lessing
1. *contrition (n) 23-1
contrite (adj)
feeling or expressing remorse;
2. chivalry (n) 23-1
the system, spirit, or customs or
medieval knighthood
3. *luminous (adj) 23-1
luminously (adv)
emitting or reflecting steady,
suffused or glowing light
4. *buoyant 23-2 (adj)
tending to float in a liquid; cheerful
5. proceeded 24-1 (v)
procession (n)
related: procedure (n)
come forth from a source;
continue after a pause or
6. preceded (v)
[not in story]
precedence (n)
precedent (n)
to go ahead or in front of; to be
earlier than; to surpass in rank,
dignity or importance
an example for a future situation
7. *poise 24-1 (n)
stable and balanced state; easy
to put into readiness, brace
8. * myriad 25-2 (n or adj) ten-thousand; a great number
9. minute (adj) 25-2
minutely (adv)
minute (n)
extremely small;
10. *incredulous 26-2 (adj)
incredulousness (n)
incredulity (n)
credulous (adj)
credulity (n), etc.
disbelieving; inability or
unwillingness to believe
a unit of time
A Berry So Shiny, It's Irresistible
(And Inedible)
9 Literature: “Through the Tunnel” pp. 22-29
What is the POV?
Point of view:
Third person
First Person
Omniscient or Limited
9 Literature: “Through the Tunnel” pp. 22-29
1. What two conflicts are
presented in this story?
• man vs. self
•Man vs. force greater than
2. Against whom or what is
Jerry fighting?
•Nature or the ocean
3. What is Jerry’s age and family
• He is eleven and the only
child of a widow.
9 Literature: “Through the Tunnel” pp. 22-29
4. How are the conflicts resolved
•First, Jerry conquers his own
fear and masters the physical
weakness that bars him from
swimming through the secret
•Second, he is victorious over the forces of nature when
he successfully swims through the tunnel.
5. Why does Jerry cry when he cannot dive through the
•He is frustrated by the physical and emotional
weakness that prohibits him from performing as the
older boys perform.
9 Literature: “Through the Tunnel” pp. 22-29
6. Why does Jerry keep this feat from his mother?
•He wants to prove to himself that he is able to conquer his fear
and physical limitations; therefore, his mother’s knowledge of his
victory is irrelevant. Jerry also does not wish to worry her.
7. What does the last sentence of this short story imply?
•Having tested himself and
succeeded, there is no
further need for testing.
8. What does Jerry fear as
he is swimming in the
•He fears failure,
or worse, death.
9 Literature: “Through the Tunnel” pp. 22-29
9.If Jerry had had his own set of friends at the bay,
would he have felt the need to follow the older
boys at the bay?
10.What are some signs of Jerry’s immaturity?
•Example: making faces at the older boys
11. What are some other characteristics Jerry

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