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What is a Concussion
Common symptoms
What is SHIFT
What does SHIFT include
 Baseline testing
 Concussion Management
 Education and Resources
 Importance of Programs
 What Partners Physiotherapy Offers
 “a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain,
induced by traumatic biomechanical forces”
 Health care providers have seen an increase in concussions,
especially with contact sports (can be a great burden on
Healthcare System)
 Concussions can mean the end of a child’s (or anyone’s)
participation in sport/physical activity for various lengths of time
 No two people are affected the same by a concussion
 Once an individual has sustained a concussion they are
potentially more susceptible to them in the future
 Increasing awareness, education and available treatment are
becoming important in all sports (i.e. Mandatory Baseline testing
upon registration)
Common Symptoms with
• Poor concentration/focus
Cognitive • Poor memory/slight amnesia
Easily Stimulated
 Irritability/Confusion
•Balance issue
Physical •Neck pain
 Poor co-ordination
 Headache
Various •Drowsiness/fatigue
 Nausea/vomiting
 Difficulty falling asleep
What is SHIFT
 Developed and run out of Guelph by Dr. Scott Haller
 Innovative program designed to help manage and
educate regarding concussions
 Comprised of three different tests:
 Neurocognitive (ImPACT)
 Balance/Posture (Sway, BESS)
 Visual Coordination
What does SHIFT Include:
Baseline Testing
 Assessment done prior to athletic participation using
ImPACT (a computerized neurocognitive test)
 Assessment of current balance and postural sway
 Screening of visual co-ordination
 IMPORTANCE: Provides valuable information if done
early enough
What does SHIFT Include:
Concussion Management
 Post-concussion injury education and resting
strategies, recommendations for return to
school/work and modifications needed
 Manual therapy and physical rehabilitation
 Proper training and protocol for return-to-play
 Monitoring progress using the ImPACT testing
What does SHIFT Include:
Education and Resources
 Information available online through SHIFT
( websites and other links
 Training for coaches, trainers and health
 Founded by Keith Primeau and Kelly Goulet
 Program designed in collaboration with SHIFT
 Non-profit organization that helps increase concussion
 Four Pillars:
Why are these Important
 Brain injuries kill more children than all other causes
 Canada reports 50,000 brain injuries per year (18,000
in Ontario alone)
 Brain injury is the number one cause of disability
under the age of 44
 10% of athletes in contact sports suffer a concussion,
with 19% of these going unreported
What can we offer
 OUR GOAL: Improving the management of concussions in
Grey/Bruce by collaborating with local physicians and
sports organizations
 Assess and manage each athlete as a whole and tailor our
rehabilitative strategies to the individual needs of each
 Offer group/team sessions to Baseline test all participants
as quickly and as cost effective as possible
 Offer post-concussion testing and rehabilitation for returnto-play
Additional Info
 Our team consists of 3 Physiotherapists and 1
Kinesiologist who are trained with the SHIFT procedures
Heather Mighton, PT
Cherie Crous, PT
Dianna Lueck, PT
John Martin, R. Kin
 Currently Hanover Minor Hockey has mandated that all
participants must complete the baseline test

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