Majorana Light

Emergent Majorana Fermion in Cavity QED Lattice
Dr. Sujit Sarkar
Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research,
Bangalore-560 080
Acknowledgement: Raman Research Institute
CCMT of Phys. Dept of IISc Bangalore
Out Line of the Talk:
(1). What is Majorana Fermion?
(2). What is Optical Cavity QED?
(3). Motivation.
(4). Interesting Experiments.
(5). Model Hamiltonians.
(6). Results and Discussions.
(7). Conclusions.
Majorana Fermion?
Majorana Fermions in Quantum Condensed Matter
(1). QH system with filling fraction 5/2.
(2). Kitaev: Majorana Fermions modes in one
dimensional model.
(3). Edge state of 1D system: Electrostatic defect lines
in superconductor and quasi one dimensional
(4). Cold atoms trapped in one-dimension.
(5). Topological quantum computation.
What is about Cavity QED?
Majorana Fermion in Superconductor
(1). Interesting Experimental Findings.
(2). Application of Quantum Many Body Physics and
Quantum Field Theoretical Aspects in Cavity QED.
Light Crystallization:
Reference: Matrin B Plenio et al.
(1). Laser and Photonics Reviews, August 19,
(2). Phys. Rev. Lett 99, 103601 (2007).
(3). Phys. Rev. Lett 99, 160501 (2007).
(4). Nature Physics 2, 849 (2006).
Effective Spin Model
Luttinger Liquid Physics Intrinsic in Cavity QED Lattice
Cavity QED Lattice Physics in XY Model
(1). We express cavity QED lattice system in integrable
quantum spin system.
(2). Elementary excitation of the cavity QED lattice is the
Majorana fermions.
(3). We have derived the Dirac equation for the cavity QED
lattice and the condition for the massless excitations.
(4). We have derived the condition in terms of Rabi frequency
oscillations and coupling strengths where the physics of
Transverse Ising model and anisotropic XY model are the same.
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