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An APP for Young Parents
to (re)engage with our Catholic faith.
Brought to you by:
A Catholic, non-profit organization dedicated to the use of social media to educate, evangelize and (re)engage.
One, Holy, Catholic, and APPostolic… approach to faith and family
Parenting Resources
Catholic Faith Information
Catholic News
Prayers & Daily Readings
Catholic Radio & Videos
Social Networking
Tweets from Pope Francis
Entertainment for Little Ones
Parish/School Information
Mass Times
Baptismal Information
School Registration
Events for young families
Parenting Resources—
• information for parents about well-child care (from Catholic health care providers)
• blogs from moms and dads about
• being a parent
• developmental stages of growing toddlers
• tips on thumb sucking, diaper rash, sleeping thru the night, etc.
• helpful tips about caring for yourself and your little one
Faith & Sacraments—
• a wealth of information to feed the soul
• Catholic Commentaries
• information about the sacraments of baptism and marriage
• all selected by a group of Catholic priests and experts in theology
• nationally and internationally recognized resources
• carefully vetted dogma, strong content, clear messages
Catholic News—
• offers a wealth of information to feed the soul
• provides information from Catholic News, Word on Fire, Catholic Digest, Catholic
Commentaries, etc
• nationally and internationally recognized resources
• carefully vetted dogma, strong content, clear messages
Sponsor Resources—
• lists our national and local sponsors
• links to resources for you from our sponsors
• connects users with some social media savvy leaders in the Church
• includes tweets from the Pope, Cardinal Dolan, WeParentMore, and others
My Parish and School—
• a point of contact for young parents looking to (re)engage with their faith and
participate in a Catholic community
• search for a parish and school by location, by language spoken at Mass or by
• each WeParentMore Parish and School Participant has its own custom page
• a way for Parish and School Participants to connect and share timely information
Prayers, Daily Readings & Liturgical Year—
• daily readings, e-retreats, catechetical information, etc.
• selected by a group of Catholic priests and experts in theology
• nationally and internationally recognized resources
• carefully vetted dogma, strong content, clear messages
For the Little Ones—
• a fun, engaging digital safe zone for toddlers
• age appropriate games and videos
• coloring page downloads
• basic prayers
• bible flashcards
Radio & Videos
Audio & Video—
• connect to Relevant Radio, Radio Maria, and EWTN
• stream live
• watch the entertaining videos presented by That Catholic Show "Humorous Yet
• toddlers can watch the full set of videos of Ventriloquist Randy J. Malick and Rupert
the Bird III presented by Sadlier Inc.
• In Chapter 1, Randy tells Rupert that it is important for us to share all the good
gifts God has given us.
You are invited to connect to
from a desktop, tablet or any mobile device.
We will soon be available via the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Open a browser, visit our site –
Open a Chrome browser, visit our
Open a browser, visit our site –,
site –,, then
and select Add to
then from the Menu select Add to
from the Menu select Add to
Home Screen (as shown below).
Home Screen or Add Shortcut to
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then tap
Our Commitment
• (Re)engage Young Parents with our Catholic faith
• Connect with parents like yourself
• Provide a powerful, comprehensive resource to guide people toward
• a strong spiritual life
• Catholic parenting
• smart decisions about their children’s education
• faithful marriages
• a more powerful level of engagement with their local parishes
The content is strong, the message is clear and the ability to (re)connect with the Church is our goal.
Why Participate?
As we all know, there are many lapsed Catholics out there, especially within the
millennial generation.
Maybe you are one of them.
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to mass, you may hesitate, unsure about
how to connect. We have created this App to be your first step toward
WeParentMore is here to become that “have to have” resource you turn to on a
daily basis to answer your questions, link you to Catholic resources, and keep you
engaged in faith.
More Details about WeParentMore
WeParentMore is a free mobile app for Catholics.
We have designed this app with young parents in mind to help you (re)engage
with our Catholic faith.
We know it is time to do more to engage young parents. WeParentMore reaches
out to you via your mobile devices, a medium that is most familiar to you.
We provide reliable, faith-based information to care for the body and nourish the
WeParentMore also offers inspirational content, guidance to build a solid
foundation for success, a way to (re)connect with the local parish, and
educational entertainment for their little ones.
An Important Stage in Your Life
If you’ve just had a baby or are about to have a child, you know this is a turning
point in your life. At this time in your life, everything takes on greater meaning,
priorities get rearranged and you’ve entered a new chapter. At this
transformational time in your life and the lives of their children, it is especially
important to (re) engage with the Church.
WeParentMore is here to help you with all the big decisions. We offer the best
resources to help with day to day parenting concerns: child’s developmental
stages, lack of sleep, thumb sucking, bed time stories, nutrition.
Our Aspiration
Helping more children attend Catholic school
Proceeds go towards scholarships for Catholic education.
Our Hopes
We have high hopes for the use of WeParentMore in parish, school and diocese
across the U.S. and around the world to (re)engage young parents.
We will facilitate your (re)connection with our Catholic faith and help you realize
the important role a vibrant faith community plays in the rearing of your children.
My Parish and School Search
Via “My Parish and School” on the WeParentMore app, you can find a parish,
school or diocese by searching by name, location and language spoken.
The search results will appear in a list.
The WeParentMore participants will be listed first with a small WeParentMore
icon to identify that they contain a wealth of additional information including
mass times, news, calendars, parish/school events, school enrollment forms, etc.
The other parishes and schools will simply be listed by name and address. These
other listings will provide mass times, thanks to collaboration with, giving WeParentMore access over 100,000 parishes, worldwide.
Search Results
When you select a WeParentMore Participant’s enhanced listing, you will see the
equivalent of a mini bulletin.
Each participating parish and school has a personal set of pages to share
information that is specific to its community and its young members.
Think of it as a mini-online bulletin dedicated to young families providing
information about Mass times, Parenting groups, Special events, Parish
registration and School enrollment.
Once you find a parish or school, you can mark the listing as a Favorite.
You can use WeParentMore to request information from your parish or school
office via an email link. You may ask for information to join the parish, inquire
about baptism, request school and pre-school information.
One, Holy, Catholic, and APPostolic… approach to faith and family
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