Janma Sudharyo Explanation

“Janam sudharyo re”
•This kirtan was written in the gaam of Kalvani
•It was written after Ramanand Swami gave the
throne to Sahajanand Swami.
•Shree Hari commenced His program of trance and
•Muktanand Swami came to Meghpur, a town near
Piplana where Shree Hari was residing.
•He told Maharaj that not everyone can go in a trance
and you should not allow anyone to do it
•After everyone arrived in Kalvani, Muktanand Swami
was in the woods of Khakhra where Ramanand Swami
appeared in a divine vision
•He said “ I was just a small dugdugi no vagadar, now
the Lord Himself has arrived.
•Muktanand Swami then realised that Maharaj is the
supreme Lord Himself
•He then perfomed the Aarti “Jay Sadguru Swami”
and composed this kirtan thereafter.
Janam sudhaariyo
Janam Sudhaariyo Re Maro, Maliya Natvar Nand
Dulaaro……………...... Janam
Karuna Atishe Re Kidhi, Bhavjal Budata Baiy Grahi
Lidhi…………......... Janam
Swami is saying, “having met the present
Lord is the reason why this birth has become so
fruitful. I could not see your real identity in the
human form and was sinking in the ocean of
ignorance. However, You showed mercy and held
my hand.”
Muj Par Adharak Re Dhhariya, Karuna Kari
Gher Bettha Maliya……....... Janam
“Today You have showered plenty of
compassion upon me as I have found You
near me”
Mann Dadhha Kariyu Re Morari, Have Hu Thai
Rahi Jagthi Nyaari........... Janam
“In this illusionary world, You, Purna
Purshottam, the Supreme Lord have arrived and
have freed me. There are many certain religions,
but I have become a part of a group of devotees
that followed the correct path.”
Anand Urma Re Bhaari, Shir Par Gaajje
Girivar Dhaari………………….. Janam
“This Lord has given me so much
happiness that my heart started to sway in
appreciation., now only Sahajanand Swami
resides in my heart, body and mind.”
Nirbheni Noubat Re Vaagi, Kahe Muktanand
Brahmna Bhaagi………...... Janam
“The certainty of the Supreme Lord is like
many drums being beaten together. The
deafening sound scares out factors like fear,
danger, terror, deception and uncertainty which
resided in all people.” Muktanand Swami says,
“Many other vices will be beaten and leave like

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