WAVE Assessment Pattern - WAVE – Riding the Waves of Success

WAVE Certificate in Image Editing
WAVE Certificate in Content Illustration
WAVE Certificate in Web Designing
WAVE Certificate in Desktop Publishing
WAVE Certificate in 2-D Animation
WAVE Certificate in Video Editing
WAVE Certificate in C Programming
WAVE Certificate in C++ Programming
WAVE Certificate in Financial Accounting with
ERP 9.0
The marking scheme consists of 4 sections shown below:
 Section 1 (auto-marking): Learning
Viewing the Interactive eLearning Material: 25 marks
( During the course duration)
 Section 2 (auto-marking): Differential Skills Attainment
Solving 5 IPTs: 25 marks ( No schedule, to be completed
during the course duration)
 Section 3 (auto-marking): Integral Skills Attainment
Five Online Practical Tests Involving Development of RealLife Case Studies: 25 marks
( to be conducted during the 11th week of the course
 Section 4 (to be evaluated by the Learning Facilitator and
sample assignment to be moderated by YCMOU Moderators):
Five SUPW Outputs Published in ePortfolio: 25 marks
(Mini-projects can be uploaded during the course duration.)
 Separate passing in each of the 4 sections is essential
for the award of Certificate.
 Minimum marks for passing in each section: 10 Marks
out of 25 (40%) i.e.
▪ Section 1 – minimum 10 marks out of 25
▪ Section 2 – minimum 10 marks out of 25
▪ Section 3 – minimum 10 marks out of 25
▪ Section 4 – minimum 10 marks out of 25
 Learners cannot reappear for section 1 and 2 as s/he has to
complete it during the course.
 In case of failure in section 1 and/or 2, Learner has to seek fresh
admission to the course again.
 If Learner fail in section 3 then s/he can reappear for section 3 at
the ALC ( re exam attempt with re-exam fees of Rs.150/-)
 If Learner fail in section 4 then s/he can republish the miniprojects in assignment section of ERA within 30 days of the date
of declaration of the result.
MS-ACIT – IT for Teachers
Diploma in Selling Skills
Diploma in Retail Management
Diploma in Customer Service Management
Diploma in Banking Financial Services and
Basic Financial Literacy (Joint certification of
WAVE Total Marks
Mid Term Examination
Final Examination
Weightage in Final Score :
Weightage in Final Score :
50 Marks
50 Marks
(MKCL- Mandatory)
Will carry 50 Marks in Final Certificate
Mid Term of a Learner will be conducted at
his Learning Center
Provisional Certificate will be provided at the
completion of Mid Term
Mid Term is Mandatory
Mid Term will have minimum passing marks
as 20
Following is the criteria for passing the WAVE
Examination successfully:
Aggregate score of 40 Marks out of 100 with:
Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing in Mid
Term Examination
3. Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing Final
WAVE Examination
Aggregate score in three sections will be reflected in
Final Result of the Passed learner.
Passing criteria is same for fresh as well as re-exam
If a Learner Fail in Final exam , s/he will re appear for
the re-exam with re-exam fees of Rs.150/- per
attempt (2 re-exam attempt)
 His/her Mid Term Marks will be carried forward
 If s/he fails in midterm, then 2 midterm re-exam
attempts are given with no fees
 After 2 re – exam attempts ( both), if the learner still
failed then learner has to enroll again and start as a
fresh learner
If the marks of Mid Term is less then 20
Learner will be able to appear for Final Exam ,
but s/he need to re appear for the Mid term
re-exam scheduled in the next month exam
No extra fees or no derating will be applied
for re appearing in Mid Term Exam

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