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Jared Gosnell | Dave Heyne | Qi Jiang | Eva Lutz
14 SS Innovation Tools 001 | 02.22.14
At Masterchef, we aim to make good chefs great, and
innovation, we’ve elevated the lowly kitchen stove to a
finely tuned instrument of culinary mastery - an implement
of exquisite flavor. Whether you’re a top chef, a home
cook, or just a novice, our carefully-crafted Food
Transformation Machines will take your kitchen prowess to
entirely new levels of deliciousness. That is our promise.
Table of Contents
Eat & Entertain Range Top Island (p 04)
Flip Top Range (p 09)
No-Stove Cooking Module (p 12)
Take-It-With-You Rollup Range (p 14)
Kitchen Coach Oven & Range (p 17)
Re-Skin Oven & Range (p 19)
Heat Curtain Oven (p 21)
Anywhere Smart Remote With Social Timer (p 23)
01: Eat & Entertain Range Top Island
SIT Method Applied: Subtraction – “A range with
no grates”
Description: An oven range with no grates or
exposed conduits – a large flat surface like any
other countertop that, unlike a glass-top oven, can
also serve as a kitchen island or bar, even while in
use. Non demarcated range space allows for
cooled storage bins to live under breaks in the
Island’s low profile griddle top.
Primary Benefit: No longer must the range top be a
no-mans-land on your counter. No longer must the
chef toil tirelessly in the kitchen, alone, while the
party keeps its distance. Made for entertainers, this
kitchen island-sized griddle top is divided into
quadrants. Use all 4 quadrants and you have a
Benihana-style theater of stir-fry.
01: Eat & Entertain Range Top Island
Primary Benefit (Cont’d): Use only one, and get all
the cooking done you used to do on a traditional
range, while your friends crowd around your
masterpiece, unburned, drinks-in-hand. Built-in
refrigerated ingredient bins keep the chef at the
heart of the party, instead of neck-deep in the fridge.
Also, the Masterchef Eat & Entertain Island has the
added benefit of being a normal countertop the other
99% of the time, when you’re not cooking, resulting
in a more flexible kitchen.
01: Eat & Entertain Range Top Island
Feasibility / Challenges: User safety, energy use
(as the temperature would have to be as high,
across a large surface area, as it would be in a
central spot on a traditional range).
02: Flip Top Range
SIT Method Applied: Division - “A range grate,
divided in two, horizontally”
Description: A range grate that hinges out of the
way from the heating element
Primary Benefit: Flip your Masterchef Flip Top
Range Grate off the side of your stove to give your
scalding hot pans a safe place to cool that won’t ruin
countertops. Use the open flame, left behind, to
seer, wok, and “smoore” on demand. Opens your
range top to new possibilities in open-flame cooking
02: Flip Top Range
Feasibility / Challenges: Next to none - this is a
simple, mechanical innovation that would be easy to
implement on any existing gas range platform.
03: No-Stove Cooking Module
SIT Method Applied: Attribute Dependency
Change - “As cooking complexity changes,
size/sources of energy also change.” Task
Unification - “A heating element that is also your
pots and pans”.
Description: - The No-Stove Cooking Module is a
modular system that integrates the burner elements,
of a range and oven, right into your pots and pans.
Your cooking capabilities expand with each new
module you add to your collection. Scale-up from 1
to 20. - all you need is a power source. Steamer?
Check. Wok? Check. Gridler? Check. All you have
to do is add a new module. Cook with your whole
family, with individual or duplicate modules.
03: No-Stove Cooking Module
Description (Cont’d): No exhaust fan, in the
kitchen? No problem. Masterchef’s got you
covered with it’s separate Odor-Eater module. Take
your modules wherever culinary inspiration strikes
you next.
Primary Benefit: - Scalability of cooking repertoire.
Start small and grow your collection as you desire
new cooking experiences
Feasibility / Challenges: Power, reasonable price
points for individual modules.
04: Take-It-With-You Rollup Range
SIT Method Applied: Subtraction - “An oven with
no rigid structure”.
Description: Flexible heating conduits are molded
into a temperature-resistant silicone roll. Unroll like
you might a yoga mat, and take your rollout range
wherever your culinary adventures take you next.
Share food anywhere.
Primary Benefit: Without heavy, rigid structures
and inflexible metal parts, an entire range can be
easily rolled up into a convenient, portable tube.
Portability aside, the Rollout Range can be stored
more easily than a countertop range, and takes up
far less real estate than one that’s built in.
04: Take-It-With-You Rollup Range
Feasibility / Challenges: Finding a flexible, molded
material that will tolerate the high heat, as well as
finding thin conduit capable of generating the heat
necessary to perform as well as a traditional range
would be technical challenge.
05: Kitchen Coach Oven & Range
SIT Method Applied: Task Unification /
Multiplication – “A range that is also your recipe”.
Description: A “smart” range provides you access
to a database full of real-time digital cooking classes
and assists with temperatures and timing to help you
master complex recipes. Weight sensors ensure just
the right ingredients are taken. Diabetic, healthy,
authentic Indian and Italian modes (and countless
others) help you master every style! Think you have
the chops to create a truly unique recipe? The
Kitchen Coach also works in reverse, capturing and
recording settings, ingredients, & portions that made
your dish amazing. Share your success with your
friends through social media, so they to can enjoy
your meal…
05: Kitchen Coach Oven & Range
Primary Benefit: Imagine being able to cook like a
Gordon Ramsay, when you can barely operate a
microwave. Imagine the comfort of having Mom’s
home cooking beamed into your kitchen, when
you’re on the other side of the continent? Imagine
being able to share recipes in scathing detail with
your closest friends, without writing a single step
down. Combine the age-old art of cooking with
today’s social media technology. If any of these
prospects strike your fancy, the Kitchen Coach Oven
and Range Top might be right for you.
Feasibility / Challenges: The web-based backend
of this project would be a massive undertaking unto
itself, and the cost associated with adding sensors,
input controls, and screens will have to be far
outweighed by the benefit to the consumer.
06: Re-Skin Oven & Range
SIT Method Applied: Attribute Dependency
Change - “As mood/occasion changes, your oven’s
aesthetic presence changes.”
Description: - Ever spend hours scrubbing the
inside and outside of your oven and range top, only
for it to still be a giant middle finger to your sense of
hygiene? Ever think to yourself “there’s got to be a
better way”? Well good news - now there is! Apply
the Masterchef Re-Skin to your oven or range top to
protect your investment and save hours of time
scrubbing impossibly burnt-on stains. When messes
happen, simply wipe the smooth surface as you
normally would. When buildup occurs over time,
simply remove and apply another Re-Skin to your
Oven or Range top.
06: Re-Skin Oven & Range
Description (Cont’d): Re-Skin comes in countless
colors, patterns, and designs to enhance kitchen
decor and express your sense of style.
Primary Benefit: - Re-Skin exchanges hours of
back-breaking scrubbing for 5 easy minutes of
applying Re-Skin. Allows cooks to personalize their
Oven and Range Top all while keeping the kitchen
clean, safe, and attractive!
Feasibility / Challenges: Skins need to be a heat
resistant but priced to encourage regular
reapplication. May only work with Masterchef
07: Heat Curtain Oven
SIT Method Applied: Multiplication – “An oven with
two doors”
Description: An oven with two doors – an exterior
door like any other conventional oven, and a
second, interior door made of high-velocity air (air
curtain) which keeps hot air locked in, when opening
the exterior door to check your dish.
Primary Benefit: The oven’s “air curtain” secondary
closure allows culinary geniuses to broil and
routinely check their cuisine without turning their
kitchens into saunas or melting their faces off. The
Masterchef Heat Curtain Oven has the added
benefit of liberating the oven’s physical door from its
disgusting, impossible-to-clean window, leading to a
tidier kitchen aesthetic.
07: Heat Curtain Oven
Primary Benefit (Cont’d): With the oven’s heat in
check, baking and broiling is comfortable, regardless
of the season. In addition, owners will benefit from
the energy savings of an oven that doesn’t belch out
all of its heat, every time the user checks their food.
Feasibility / Challenges: trade-off between air
curtain effectiveness and noise / user safety. Can
an air curtain, as you see in the entryways of “big
box” retailers, be scaled down for an oven and still
retain its performance?
08: Anywhere Smart Remote w/ Social Timer
SIT Method Applied: Division - “Divide the control
panel off the oven.” Attribute Dependency Change “As your dinner circumstances change, your cooking
mode changes.”
Description: The Masterchef Smart Remote
equipped stove features a user interface that can
be removed entirely and conveniently relocated to
anywhere in your home or kitchen, to help you keep
watch of your dish’s vital statistics anywhere you are
The Masterchef Social Timer informs Entertainers
as to gaps in heating and stirring, to facilitate chef
mingling, and allows for oven settings to be defined
by a moving-target meal time.
08: Anywhere Smart Remote w/ Social Timer
Primary Benefit: Streamline your time in the
kitchen with the Anywhere Smart Remote Control, a
detachable interface that lets you control your oven
remotely, anywhere you are. Whether you’re
watching TV in the next room, or chopping
vegetables on the other side of the kitchen, you can
still keep a close eye on vital timing and temperature
settings without taking the time to turn to your oven.
The smart device can be programmed with
ingredients used, temperatures, quantities, and
cooking times to allow for seamless rescheduling of
dinner time. Guests arriving 30 minutes late? Forget
to pick up milk and need to run to the store? No
problem. Simply update the the “meal time” and your
oven will update its temperatures and cook times to
ensure a perfectly cooked and timely meal.
08: Anywhere Smart Remote w/ Social Timer
Feasibility / Challenges: Product design
challenges of creating a small, convenient UI
module that streamlines / enforces portability. Unit
must know the times/temperatures of each dish
being cooked.
Jared Gosnell | Dave Heyne | Qi Jiang | Eva Lutz
14 SS Innovation Tools 001 | 02.22.14
Thank You For Your Time & Attention!

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