Presented by
W1BAW Bruce Wattendorf
What is a Raspberry PI
A $35 computer
with out a
mouse but they
all can be
Preparing the PI
 Search Google on how to upload Raspbian on to the
SD card (Note make sure you use Raspbian 2013-07-26
or 2013-09-10 the latest will not work.
 After you have Raspbian installed on the SD card
insert into the PI and power up with USB Mini.
 If you do not have a monitor you can connect to the pi
using putty but you need to find the IP that the PI got.
(I use angry ip scanner to find the IP can be a pain)
Install HSMM-PI
 When you have the IP of the PI or are using a keyboard and
monitor. If you are logging in using SSH then use putty
using SSH session and log in using
Password: raspberry
Run the Raspberry Pi Setup program: sudo raspi-config
Expand the filesystem to fill the SD memory card
Change the password for the 'pi' account
If installing over an SSH connection to the Pi, then I
recommend you install 'screen' (sudo apt-get install
 Run the following commands to download the HSMM-Pi
project and install
 git clone https://github.com/bwattendorf/hsmm-pi.git
 cd hsmm-pi
 sh install.sh
 Login to the web application on the Pi: http://(wired
Ethernet IP of the node):8080/
 Access the Admin account using the 'admin' username and
'changeme' password.
 Change the password for HSMM-Pi
 Once you have HSMM installed you now need to
install the VPN software VTUN we have created a
script to allow this to be set up and configured all at
 The person who has the server needs to send you
instructions and the settings you need for the VPN to
connect to the server. (this is because the server
setting are setup in the server owners github. How to
do this is later in the power point.)
The steps to setup the VPN
 Get into the PI using SSH again and enter in at the
command prompt
 git clone https://github.com/bwattendorf/VPNhsmm-pi.git
 cd VPN-hsmm-pi
 ./setup_vpn.sh wa1baw Eye0ou3i
./setup_vpn.sh wa1baw Eye0ou3i <password>
 What are the arguments after the script.
1st one is your call how the VPN knows who you are.
2nd one is the password for your link
3rd and 4th are the PTP IP's I have setup between client and server
4th is a password for remote maintenance. On the nodes here a lot of the
guys are not Linux experts and it sets up a local account mesh-support
with this password.
If you don't want support enter something random here and then delete
the mesh-support user and group when you are done.
It will reboot your node once done and hopefully when it comes up it
should link up.
That is it, once done let me know so I can validate the setup.
How to connect up the PI to the
 Once the script installs it will reboot the pi
 Then log back in to the pi
 Then type ifconfig and look for tun0 in the list
 If you don’t see tun0 then enter tail –f /var/log/syslog
to troubleshoot the possible issue
Server owner Setup
 A server can connect to 10 connections at once.
 Requires setup thru SSH to set up each client.
 Also requires you to manage IP and clients.
 You need to set up a github account so you can edit the
script for you network.
 What am I saying? It is a little bit of work
but not to bad for somebody that is familiar
with linux command line.

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