NESCC 13-027 - American National Standards Institute

NRC Plans for NESCC Concrete
Specifications, Codes & Standards
(SCS) Endorsement
NESCC Meeting March 28, 2013
Richard Jervey
USNRC Office of Regulatory Research,
Department of Engineering,
Regulatory Guide Branch
NRC’s Policies on
Consensus Codes and
• Consensus codes and standards have been
integral to the regulatory process for 3 decades
• Codes and standards promote safe operation of
nuclear power plants, improve effectiveness
and efficiency of regulatory oversight
• Federal law requires Government staff to use
consensus standards where possible
NRC ‘Endorsement’
Supported with a Legal basis
• Rules / Regulations (10 CFR)
• Regulatory Guides (RGs)
Indeterminate legal standing (other than precedent)
Licenses (FSARs and DCDs)- licensee specific
Safety Evaluation Reports (SERs)- licensee specific
Inspection Procedures – NRC use
Standard Review Plans (SRPs) – NRC use
Generic Communications, RIS, IN, etc.
Technical Reports (NUREGs)
Letters & Memoranda
Regulatory Guides & SRPs
• Regulatory Guides
– Guidance to applicants - describes methods that the staff
considers acceptable for use in implementing regulations
– Large percentage of standards cited by NRC in RGs
– Best repository of the current staff positions & standards
• SRPs
– Guidance to NRC staff (not an endorsement, per se)
– Only updated intermittently, as determined by NRC offices
How to get NRC to
review your SCS?
• One process
– Send a letter to the NRC Standards Executive (Mike Case);
Reg Guide branch coordinates response across NRC offices
– Issues: Reviewing is separate from endorsing; based on
review, need NRC technical lead to initiate RG update; SRP
only updated intermittently
• Better process
– Get an NRC representative to participate in developing the
– Get an informal commitment from the NRC representative to
consider the standard in a RG or SRP
– Send a letter to the NRC Standards Executive
– Issue: More likely to get NRC tech lead to initiate RG update
Generic Plan for
Guidance Development
Identify Regulatory Issue
Receive SCS for Review
Identify and Review
Current Guidance
No Further
Guidance and
NRC SCS Review Priorities
• NRC believes the NESCC recommendations are worthy
of support for each SDO.
American Concrete Institute- ACI
American Society of Mechanical Engineers-ASME
American Institute of Steel Construction- AISC
American National Standards Institute –ANSI
National Fire Protection Association – NFPA
American Society of Civil Engineers –ASCE
• NESCC Concrete / NRC alignment -NRC Top ‘4’
ACI 349-12 -Code Requirements for Nuclear Safety-related Structures
ACI 359-10 - Code for Concrete Containments
ANSI/AISC N690-12 -Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear
ASCE 4.xx - Seismic Analysis of Safety Related Structures
NRC Work to support
NESCC - Concrete
• SCS related to Concrete is the first area NRC looked at
for potential collaboration within NESCC project
• Staff from the Reg. Guide Branch reviewed NIST/ANSI
Concrete report recommendations
– Reviewed the Identified Documents and where they stand in
NRC plans
– Discussed with NRC/RES management
• Identified key reviews and schedule
Planned Reviews of
Concrete SCS
• Goal is to consider needs as identified in the
NESCC report for collaborative opportunities
• Timeline for ACI 349-2012 review,
– (includes 51 ASTM Docs)
• AISC N690-201X with draft Appendix N9
– (includes 84 SCS) and
• Specifications, codes and standards referenced
within each
American Concrete
Institute ACI 349
• ACI 349, Code Requirements for Nuclear
Safety-Related Concrete Structures
• NRC currently endorses ACI 349-1997 (with
exceptions) in RG 1.142, R2, dated 11/2001
• Current ACI 349 is 2006 issue with commentary
including significant changes worthy of review.
• Plan is to review/endorse the proposed ACI
349-2012 and ASTM standards in RG: 1.142
RG 1.142 Plans
NRC participating in development
– Currently in process
DG to go through internal NRC review
– Following 349-12 publishing. (1QFY14?)
Publish DG with 60 day comment period
– Likely 6 months following publishing
Incorporation of comments and ACRS review
– Typically 2-6 months following end of public comment period
Issue final RG
– Total time approximately 1 year following publishing the guide
AISC N690-2006
and Appendix N9
• NUREG-0800 is the SRP for Nuclear Power Plants,
DCD for the AP1000 as well, currently refers to:N6901994 including Supplement 2 (2004),
• Current N690-2006 (and 2011) has ANSI/AISC 360-10, Specification for
Structural Steel Buildings, as the baseline document (instead of
standalone document)
• Use of LRFD approach (with ASD as an alternative) which is consistent
with the code for concrete structures (ACI-349)
• Planned Standard for Modular Composite Construction (SC) (Appendix
– A concurrent review of Appendix N9, Standard for Modular
Composite Construction (SC) is ongoing
– Also comparing with International standards
– Plan to issue a new RG 1.225 “Safety-Related Steel and SteelConcrete Composite Structures (Other than reactor vessels
and containments)” would like it to include App. N9
RG 1.225 Rev. 0 Plans
• Ongoing NRC participation in development, and
concurrent review
• 3rd party review complete by
– 4QFY13
• DG-1304 to go through internal NRC review
– (incorporate draft App. N9)
– 1QFY14
• Publish DG-1304 with 30-60 day comment period
– 1QFY14
• Incorporation of comments and ACRS review
– (variable)
• Issue final RG
– 2Q-3QFY14
NRC SCS Review Normal
Review Process
• NRC reviews the Reg. Guide library in a 5
year cycle. 3 outcomes:
– Acceptable-As-Is
– Revise, or
– Withdraw
• Upcoming reviews include guides which
reference numerous SRS
Related Seismic Regulatory
Guides and SCS
1.122- Development of Floor Design Response Spectra for Seismic Design of Floor-Supported
Equipment or Components (1978)
10CFR50, App. A Criteria 2;
Peak response spectra analysis
1.132-Site Investigation for Foundations of Nuclear Power Plants (2003)
10CFR100, Subpart B Reactor Site Criteria;
RG covers Detailed site investigations; borings; rocks and soils etc.
RG references ASTM, ASCE US Army COE
1.198 -Procedures and Criteria for Assessing Seismic Soil Liquefaction at Nuclear Power Plant
Sites (2003)
Analysis of soli liquefaction
1.199-Anchoring Components and Structural Supports in Concrete (2003)
Army COE,
• ???
• Contact Rick Jervey @ 301-251-7404, or,
[email protected]
• Regulatory Guide Comment Portal

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