Letter 8 - Minskole.no

St. Olav’s well and Feoy
(Cow Island)
Stine, Ingrid and Hege
Olav was a Norwegian viking king.
Olav didn’t find water, so he hit the rock. And the water
came out of the rock. He gave all of his men water.
It says that people can heal them self’s with the water.
The water are there for ever.
Map over Olavskilden
Photo of Olavskilden
Feoy is a little Island outside of Karmoy.
Feoy had a school. We have been at that
school. It had only 4 pupils! They don’t
have that school anymore..
Leisure activities
We can fish.
We can go for a walk.
There are people that live there and some
have a cottage.
And someone comes on a day trip.
Maps over Feoy
Photo of Feoy
We fond this im google

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