7:00 pm

Week 23, Day One- Murder Mystery
HW # 73- Review your Murder Mystery work. Be
sure all of your notes are up to date.
Warm up
Why is it important to “seal off” a crime scene? What types
of evidence to investigators collect from a crime scene?
Warm up Response
Homework Response/Check
• Did you complete your Pedigree worksheets?
• Did you review the results of your karyotyping
analysis (the one in Google Drive)?
• Murder Mystery
The rain fell violently on the night of
February 24, 2013. A dinner party was being
held at the home of an eccentric man,
Captain Relish.
Captain Relish, a mysterious person, was just
released from prison and possesses a new
name. He decided to have a celebration
party with people he considered
7:00 p.m.
Captain Relish escorted Norma Nanny,
Theresa Thyme, Fred Fleckstone, Sam
Stubs and Glen Glendora to the dinner
table. Although the guests didn’t know
it, each one’s life was somehow affected
by Captain Relish.
7:30 p.m.
The host and guests sat down to a dinner
of tomato soup, fresh garden salad, prime
rib, baked potato, and small talk.
7:35 p.m.
The lights of the house suddenly went
out. Chairs rustled, people screamed
and Captain Relish groaned loudly.
7:36 p.m.
The lights turned on to show Captain
Relish slumped forward, his face in his
tomato soup and a large steak knife in the
back of his neck.
7:40 p.m.
The police are called.
7:55 p.m.
The police arrive.
8:00 p.m.
Captain Relish is officially pronounced
dead at the scene.
What information
should we collect?
Evidence from the
crime lab.
What we will be
looking for.
Blood found everywhere.
Suspect blood types.
Pens found on each
Check to see if the pen
matches the one used to
write the death note.
Fingerprints IF possible
Fingerprints on the knife,
Matches to our suspects?
drinking glass, etc.
In addition:
we will need to find out the blood type of each suspect AND
do a complete genetic analysis.
Let’s review what we know so far:
You may want to note this information on your Lab
Evidence Report summary sheet (p. 4)
Marfan Syndrome?
Huntington’s Disease?
Chromomsome Disorder?
Blood Type (guess- based on pedigree work).
Normal Male Karyotype
Normal Female Karyotype
Sam Stubs
Norma Nanny
Captain Relish
Glen Glendora
Fred Fleckstone
Theresa Thyme
Let’s review what we know so far:
You may want to note this information on your Lab
Evidence Report summary sheet (p. 4)
Marfan Syndrome? Fred Fleckstone
Huntington’s Disease? Norma Nanny, Sam Stubs,
Glen Glendora
Chromomsome Disorder? Captin Relish, Fred Fleckstone
Theresa Thyme
Blood Type (guess- based on pedigree work).
Sam Stubs- O; Norma Nanny- A; Captain Relish- ?
Glen Glendora- A; Fred Fleckstone – O; Theresa Thyme- A

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