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2014 Redrock Software Conference
Center Profile Setup:
Subcenters, Groups, and User
JT Burns
Redrock Software
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Building Background
• Center profiles vs. Subcenters
• What type of groups do you currently
• What is the difference between a user
and consultant?
• How is your center set up now?
2014 Redrock Software Conference
• Center Profile
– Main center / program
• Groups
– Various permission based
groups that individuals are
assigned to.
• Users
– Staff workers
– Student Workers
– Administrators
• Subcenter
– Individual centers /
locations / programs
• Kiosks
– Interface that allows
students to log in while
limiting their ability to
navigate anywhere else.
• Consultants
– Tutors
– Advisors
2014 Redrock Software Conference
Upcoming Center Profile Setup Sessions
10:30 am – 11:20 pm (Papago)
BEG: Center Profile Setup
Subcenters, Groups, and User Permissions
Presenter – Illiana Ramos, Redrock Software
For more on
Center Profile Set-up
1:15 pm – 2:05 pm (Papago)
BEG: Consultant Records
attend any or all of
Setup your consultants and specialties
these sessions!
Presenter – Illiana Ramos, Redrock Software
2:10 pm – 2:35 pm (Mojave)
Q&A: Reporting With the Trac System
Presenter – Jon Halter, Redrock Software

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