Welcome to Pre-K! parent night ppt

Daily Schedule
AM Class
 7:30 am Morning Pre-K arrival and
 7:55 am Greeting songs, morning
news and calendar
 8:15 am Math/science lesson/Math
& science stations
 8:50 am physical development
 9:10 am ELA/SS, Literacy stations
 10:10 am Pack up
 10:15 am Read aloud and closure for
the day
 10:30 am Lunch
 11:00 am Dismissal
 11:00-11:15 AM Dismissal/PM Arrival
PM Class
 11:15 am PM Pre-K arrives and has
 11:45 am PM Pre-K arrival and
 11:55 am Greeting songs, morning
news and calendar
 12:15 am Math/science lesson/Math
& science stations
 12:50 am physical development
 1:10 am ELA/SS, Literacy stations
 2:10 am Pack up
 2:15 am Read aloud and closure for
the day
 2:25 pm Dismissal
Classroom Management
 Clip System- This is a colored chart that resembles a stoplight, as
a visual reminder for behavior. Each child will have a clothespin
with their name on it. When a child needs redirecting, he/she
will move their clip up or down to the next color, according to the
reasons below:
Gold: No redirections
Green: All students start off with green. 1 0r 2 times redirected
Yellow: 3-4 times redirected
Red: Non-compliance, physical aggressive behavior, spitting
(Phone call home)
Behavior will be recorded on child’s behavioral sheet in the daily
Classroom Social Contract
Husky Bucks
-Language Arts
Shared Reading
- Work in small groups and one on one
-Science and Social Studies are integrated
with Language Arts and Math
-Assessments – observations, checklist, PreKinder Assessment (September & February)
 Reading – read 10-15 minutes each night (you
and/or child) and sign homework sheet in your
child’s daily folder.
 Periodically, projects will be sent home to
complete. A note will be sent home in your child’s
daily folder.
Computer Instruction
Computer use
Promethean Board
IPods & IPads
Family Access
 Check attendance
 Check grades at the end of each nine weeks
 Sign up online http://www.lcisd.org/students-parents/family-
 Starting with the 2014-15 school year, LCISD guardians will be able to
make changes to items such as phone numbers, email addresses,
emergency contacts, etc., all online through the Skyward Family Access
Center. Guardians will be able to make these changes through
Friday, September 19. After September 19, many of those areas will be
dialed back, but some areas, such as email address, will always be
available for changing online.
 There is a video on the Family Access page of the district web site that
walks parents through how to make changes. This is the direct
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l53jXRi4ro8
Students are required to wear uniform dress at Hubenak
White, navy blue, light blue, black, or red solid color collared
shirt/blouse or school T-shirt
Sweatshirts & hoodies must be a solid navy, light blue, black, red,
white, or Hubenak hoodie.
Pants or skirts need to be blue or black denim, navy, or khaki.
Jeggings are NOT allowed unless worn under a skirt. Athletic or
sweat pant material is NOT an approved item.
Shorts or skirts must be fingertip length or longer.
Shoes must be safe for physical development and must have
backs. Flip-flops, backless shoes, etc. are NOT allowed.
Earrings on males are NOT permissible.
Extremes in hair styles: mohawks; psycheldelic colors; lines,
letters, or designs shaved in the head is considered inappropriate.
A.M. Class:
•Drop off in the Front of school
•Students are not allowed in the building before 7:00.
•First bell rings at 7:30
•Your child should be in the classroom by 7:45, or they will be counted tardy
•If you arrive after 7:45 you will need to go to the front office to get a tardy
•Absence – a note from home or doctor’s office is required upon returning to
•Dismissal time is 11:00-11:15
•Pick up in the Back of the school. Do not park on the bus ramp (curb),
park in the parking lot. Walk up to pick up your child.
•If you arrive after 11:15 and teachers are not there, please park in the front
and come to the front office and sign your child out through the office.
P.M. Class:
•Arrival time is 11:00-11:15
•Drop off in the Back of the school. Do not park on the bus ramp
(curb), park in the parking lot. Walk up to drop off your child.
Make sure you to park your car and walk your child up to the school,
stay outside, Ms. Galdamez and Ms. Nieves will be out there to assist.
Back doors will close exactly at 11:15.
•If you arrive after 11:15, back doors will be locked. Please park in front
and go to the front office to get a tardy slip.
•Dismissal time is 2:40
•Pick up in the Front school area. Please have your car rider tag visible
for the teachers to see. You MUST have car rider tag in car to pick up
•Please remain in your car at all times. Safety patrol will help load
students into their cars.
 PK students are NOT allowed to be walkers as a form
of transportation.
 This is due to their safety.
Bus Transportation
 If you have concerns, please contact Transportation at
Bus Discipline
 Students are expected to observe the same rules of
conduct while riding the bus as they do in the
 Bus safety rules are outlined on pgs. 25-26 of the
Elementary Student Handbook.
 Should rules be broken, disciplinary action will be
taken upon investigation.
 Our goal is to get students to and from school safely.
 Pay student balances on campus
(cash or check) or online at
 Cost: breakfast $1.10 and lunch is
 Cafeteria Policy:
 Juice will not be offered. You may
send a water bottle with your
 Students may charge up to the
value of 5 breakfasts and 5
lunches or $15
 A low reminder will be sent
home or an automated phone
 If student reaches charge limit:
 Alternate breakfast- cereal
and milk for $0.5o
 Alternate lunch- cheese
sandwich and milk for $0.50
Tardy Policy
 Tardiness effects perfect attendance
 Every time a child is tardy, I will write in the child’s conduct
chart or email the parent notifying the child was late.
I will notify the Assistant Principal for excessive tardies. AP
will contact the parent.
AM Students: Your child will be tardy after 7:45am.
PM Students: Your child will be tardy after 11:15am.
1st Tardy is warning
2nd Tardy is lunch bunch (silent lunch)
3rd Tardy is lunch bunch
4th Tardy is an email to Assistant Principal.
•Parent/Teacher conferences November 6th and 7th (these
are early release days)
•Parents are expected to attend in order to receive your
first child’s report card.
•My conference time is from 10:30-11:15. If you need to
schedule a conference, email is the best way to get in
contact to schedule.
•Parent/Teacher conferences February 13th.
 When visiting Hubenak – visitors must check in at the
front office to receive name tag. Name tags are to be worn
at all times in the building.
 Visitors must stay in their designated area!
 All visitors must sign in!!
 Teacher web page (will be up soon)
 Weekly email blast- Newsletters will be online and a
weekly email will be sent out. I will need your
emails. [email protected]
[email protected]
 Periodic call outs
 Campus Facebook page
 https://www.facebook.com/JoeHubenakElementary
•Conduct Report (Behavior Chart)
•Initial daily
•Use the folder to send notes, transportation changes to
teacher in protective sleeve
•Transportation Changes:
•Transportation changes must be written and placed in your child’s
folder (inside plastic sleeve) or called in before 10:00 for AM class and
2:00 for PM class the day of change. Please do not email for
transportation changes.
•Comes home on Thursday
•Child’s work
•Important school papers
•Return empty on Friday
•Students will be charged $3 if they need a new folder during
the year
•Please return any signed forms in your child’s daily folder.
•Allowed - Store bought cupcakes are allowed and will be eaten
the last 5 minutes of class before dismissal.
•Not allowed – gifts, balloons, party favors, treat bags,
invitations, etc.
•Class list: Birthday Sign up List for addresses of students due
by September 10, 2014.
•Look at student handbook, pg. 11, for more information on
 Accidents happen – please
keep a change of clothing
in your child’s backpack at
all times.
 Please label child’s
clothing, jacket’s, sweaters,
lunchboxes and backpacks
 Please work with your
child on tying their shoes
 Rolling backpacks are not
Two parties during the school year: Holiday and
End of Year.
• Volunteering at school or child’s homeroom.
Become a room parent!! 
• You can join PTA for $10.50 per person. PLEASE
JOIN and be active!!!!! 

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