K-3 Students - ACE Academy

Kindergarten-Third Grade Students
Onsite StaffJen Korte- Director
On-Site and
Online Staff &
[email protected]
Kelli Tebbe- Lead Teacher
[email protected]
Tracy Jacoby- Mathematics Teacher
[email protected]
Mary Watercutter- Special Education
[email protected]
Cindy Staples- Science Teacher/K-8
[email protected]
Deb Kraft- Receptionist
[email protected]
Eric Brenner- Technology Coordinator
[email protected]
Online StaffPat Beams- K-3 Teacher
[email protected]
Angela Newberry- Intervention Specialist
[email protected]
Business Site1130 E. Albert St.
Lima, OH 45804
Tutoring Site1045 Dearbaugh Ave. Ste. 2
Wapakoneta, OH 45895
Phone: 419-738-4572
Fax: 419-738-4591
Tutoring HoursTuesday andThursday:
12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Office HoursMonday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
• The school year runs for 36 weeks, each week is to be completed by Saturday
at 11:59 p.m. and you will be assigned work weekly.
• Students will be responsible for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies
weekly, and will be loaded into one special (PE, Health, Art, and Music)each
nine weeks. Students will have one teacher, Mrs. Pat Beams for all subjects.
• 1st nine weeks- weeks 1-9
• 2nd nine weeks- weeks 10-18
• 3rd nine weeks- weeks 19-27
• 4th nine weeks- weeks 28-36
• If the work is not completed by Saturday at 11:59 p.m., you will get a message
in the course management system letting you know that your child needs to
attend the mandated tutoring that week. Students will then enter into their
Google Drive account and sign themselves up for a specific tutoring time.
• Students will meet weekly with their teacher to discuss concerns, questions,
group work, mini-lessons, and parent-teacher conferences (once a year, or per
teacher or parent request).
• Parents need to be very active in their child’s education, so they are successful
at these critical ages. They will need much support to understand the
curriculum, and help with their technological skills. Remember that they have
to do the work, and you are there as a support or facilitator only.
• Please make sure you are in constant communication with your child’s
teacher and ACE office staff, as we want to make this experience the best
they’ve had.
 Is an option for all K-12 students.
There are specific times that are
available for grade levels.
Tutoring is an option for those
students who want to come in
and get additional help on a
lesson, or who just want to come
in and work with others. If you
are mandated because you
didn’t get your work completed
for the week then you must
attend at least one of the
tutoring sessions and get caught
up on all work.
 All students will be assigned to a
highly qualified staff member
who will work to: communicate
with his/her teachers, families,
student, and monitor the status
of the student, be the contact
person who will answer any
questions, concerns, etc.
 Tutoring HoursTuesday and Thursday:
12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
 If you need additional times or
support please contact our office
and this will be arranged.
 Mrs. Cindy Staples K-8 Mentor
ACE Academy Testing• Per the state of Ohio, all students
enrolled in a community school
are required to be tested in
reading and math each year.
Testing will be setup at a later
date and must be attended. If
your child does not attend, this
can lead to their dismissal from
the program.
Statewide Testing• Each year students in grades 3-8 are
required to take the Ohio
Achievement Assessments in the
Spring, usually in April.
• 3rd graders also take the Reading
OAA in October
• 3rd-8th graders all take Reading and
Math and depending on the year
some will take Writing
3rd Grade Guarantee• Ohio's Third Grade Guarantee ensures that every struggling reader gets the
support he or she needs to be able to learn and achieve.
• Students in grades K-3, will be evaluated in reading in the Fall. If a child
appears to be falling behind in reading, the school will immediately start a
reading improvement plan. That needs to be supported by the parent, and
progress reports will be sent home quarterly.
• There will be mandatory tutoring on Tuesdays from 12:30 p.m-3:00 p.m. for
any student who is not on track.
• Any student who is not on track the end of their third grade year will be
 Course Management System
 Login:
Username: enter what was given to you only
Password: enter only what was given to you
School: ACE Academy Wapakoneta, OH 377876
 This is your school, you go here every day to: learn what you have to
do for the week, turn in assignments, complete assignments,
assessments, etc., message teachers, view grades, read/listen to
school and course announcements, participate in groups, etc.
Compass Learning:
• Software Program- interactive and engaging lessons, and new revised
standards based subjects for grades K-12
• Website: http://compass.aceva.org
• Login:
• Username- enter what you received from ACE
• Password- enter what you received from ACE
• School- Odyssey
• Subject Icons- This is where you will spend most of your time. Your
teacher will assign you work in this program weekly. Click into the
subject that has assignments and work your way through as directed.
Once you complete a lesson a green check will appear letting you know
you have completed it.
• Portfolio- This is where you can view your grades, assignments, and run
reports for all or specific lessons. You can also get the activity code that
is the numbers and letters after the lesson title, to enter to redo a
• Odyssey Writer- This a writing program similar to word where you can
create a document, or complete the assigned writing prompt, save it for
later, and submit it when you are ready.
Google Drive
• Cloud storage service
• Website: www.docs.aceva.org
• Login:
• Email address: enter the information you received
from ACE
• Password: enter the information you received from
• This program will allow you to create and share
documents with your teachers and friends. And share
and use the online calendar feature. You will use this
mostly to enter in when you will be coming in for
tutoring. The document will be shared with you, so all
you have to do is open it and enter your time.
• Web conferencing Tool
• This is used to meet face-to-face with your teachers and ACE office staff. You
will meet weekly with you teacher for mini-lessons, which are extensions or
reinforcements for the weeks’ work. You will also discuss status, questions,
concerns, etc. Some teachers give points for these meetings, as they see
them as very important and benefitting the students in a great way. There will
be once a year parent-teacher conferences that need to be completed
through Collaborate, if there are other issues or concerns the parent or
teacher could request additional meetings.
• Your teacher will send you a link for the meeting. This is usually done through
a message or announcement on Schoology. Prior to the meeting you will click
on the link, and follow the prompts to enter into the meeting.

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