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Welcome to
Southern Connecticut
State University
East Lyme!
Master of Science in Special Education
leading to application for
CT Cross Endorsement in Special Education,
Grades K-12
Quick Overview
• Cohort-based program of 20 students
• Start Fall, Spring or Summer
• Four consecutive semesters
• Three courses each semester (9 credits)
• Full time graduate status for all semesters
• Courses meet at East Lyme Middle School on
Wednesday and Thursday evenings
Valid CT teacher licensure (certification).
Introductory course in Special Education.
If you do not have this Special Education course, you can take it at any
accredited institution as a non-degree student. Please e-mail course
description to [email protected] for approval.
The following SCSU courses meet this requirement:
SED 225 – Basic Principles of Academic Assessment and Remediation
for Exceptional Individuals
SED 481 – Teaching Exceptional Students in the Elementary
SED 482 – Teaching Exceptional Students
Course Schedule
Semester 1
Wednesdays ( 4:00 – 9:30 p.m.)
SED 325 – Curriculum and Methods for Exceptional
SED 501 – Special Education Law, Policy and Ethics
Thursdays (4:00 – 6:30 p.m.)
SED 365 – Basic Principles of Academic Assessment
and Remediation for Exceptional Individuals
Course Schedule
Semester 2
Wednesdays (4:00 – 9:30 p.m.)
SED 523 – Developmental Intervention
with the Seriously Emotionally Disabled
SED 526 – Seminar in Education of the
Seriously Emotionally Disabled
Thursdays (4:00 – 6:30 p.m.)
SED 536 – Diagnostic Testing and Reporting in
Learning Disabilities
Course Schedule
Semester 3
Wednesdays (4:00 – 9:30 p.m.)
SED 435 – Language Arts for Exceptional Individuals
SED 529 – Clinical Practices with the Seriously
Emotionally Disabled
Thursdays (4:00 – 6:30 p.m.)
SED 539 – Clinical Practices in Learning Disabilities
Course Schedule
Semester 4
Wednesdays (4:00 – 9:30 p.m.)
SED 530 – Approaches to Learning Disabilities:
Issues and Research
SED 535 – Programming for Learning Disabilities:
Middle School and Secondary Level
Thursdays (4:00 – 6:30 p.m.)
SED 537 – Seminar in Learning Disabilities
(inquiry project = comprehensive exam)
How to Apply
Apply online at
Set up Username and Password for easy access
Select the following:
Off-campus cohort: East Lyme
Program: Special Education (MS)
Concentration: No Concentration
Certification sought: CT Cross Endorsement Special Education (K – 12)
Application tips
• Left bar – SKIP & JUMP option allows you to jump to
different screens while completing the application.
• You can open and close the application until you click
the Submit Your Completed Application option.
• Not necessary to complete the Employment
Information section.
• Debit/Credit cards are accepted for the $50.00
application fee.
How to Apply
Official transcripts from all collegiate work
(transcripts provided for SCSU alumni)
to: SCSU School of Graduate Studies
501 Crescent St, Engleman Hall B110
New Haven, CT 06515-135
How to Apply
Two letters of recommendation (from someone who can
attest to your demonstrated ability to work with children)
Copy of CT Teacher Certificate
Copy of current Fingerprint/Background Check results
(Results are valid for one year)
Southern CT State University
Special Education Dept/East Lyme Cohort
501 Crescent Street
Davis Hall, Room 212
New Haven, CT 06515
The Graduate School will hold applications up to one year.
Application Due Dates
• Fall semester
Applications due June 15
• Spring semester
Applications due October 15
• Summer semester
Applications due March 15
Tuition and Fees
Per semester
University Fee
General Fee
Student Activity Fee
In State
Out of State
Students are automatically charged $679.00 per semester for Health
Insurance. This can be waived with proof of insurance.
(subject to change)
Financial Aid
• Financial Aid (mostly loans) is available for full time
graduate students.
• The Free Application for Federal Student Aid form
(FAFSA) is available each year on January 1st to request
aid for any of the following semesters: Fall, Spring or
• School code – 001406
Health Requirement
On Graduate Application
According to Connecticut Statutes matriculated students in Connecticut universities who were born after January 1,
1957, must provide proof of immunization against measles and rubella (German measles) before they will be
permitted to register. Proper measles immunization requires two (2) injections: the first must have been received
after 12 months of age and after January 1, 1969, and the second must have been received after January 1, 1980.
Proper rubella immunization consists of one injection received after 12 months of age. The only exceptions are
those students who provide laboratory documentation of immunity to measles and rubella, those who provide a
physicians statement that immunization should not be done, or those who provide a statement that the
immunization is against their religious beliefs, or those graduated from Connecticut high schools in 1999 or later.
Documentation of immunization must be submitted to the Granoff Student Health Service prior to registration.
Full-time graduate students who wish to use health services must have completed health forms (questionnaire and
physical examination) on file at Granoff Student Health Center. Also, those students who live in on-campus housing
must provide documentation of meningitis vaccination.
I have read and I understand the health requirement.
Frequently Asked Questions
• How many undergraduate/graduate credits can be
transferred in?
Transfer credits are individually negotiated and
not automatically accepted.
No more than six credits will be accepted.
• Can I apply if my teacher certification is from
another State?
You need to apply for CT certification prior to
admission. If otherwise admissible, you may be
admitted conditionally.
Rosa Clough, Secretary
[email protected]
Monica Gat, Program Coordinator
[email protected]

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