List of Issues - Equality Commission, Northern Ireland

UNCRPD Expert Seminar
Paul Noonan, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
10.35am Developing the List of Issues
Paul Noonan
10.45am Current shortfalls in public policies and programmes
QUB research team
11.30am Break
11.45am Breakout groups
12.15pm Feedback on Research
QUB Research Team
12.30pm Feedback on List of Issues
Paul Noonan
12.45pm Lunch
How to best influence the UNCRPD Committee
Tony O’Reilly, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland
Colin Caughey, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Optional group discussion on UNCRPD reporting:
The room has been booked for an additional hour for those who
wish to stay and discuss UNCRPD reporting.
Developing IMNI’s list of Issues
• IMNI policy development work and
consultation responses
• Our engagement with the Disability Sector
• Disability Action research for IMNI 2010
• QUB research team update of 2010 research
• Your views
IMNI’s provisional list of Issues
Awareness raising (Art. 8)
Participation in political and public life (Art. 29)
Reliable data and statistics (Art. 31)and access to information
(Arts. 9 and 21)
Legal reform (Art. 5: Equality and non-discrimination)
Mental capacity and mental health legislation (Art. 12: Equal
participation before the law)
Special Educational Needs reform (Art. 24: Education)
Access to Healthcare/NHS Reform (Art. 25: Health)
Welfare Reform (Art. 28: Adequate standard of living and social
Feedback on Research
Feedback on the list of issues
How to best influence the
United Nations Committee on
the Rights of Persons with
Colin Caughey
Tony O’Reilly
State Report
Alternative Report (IM & DPO)
List of Issues
Introduction to UNCRPD
What is different about the UNCRPD?
• Rights Holders
• Participation & Involvement
• Independent Living
• Recognition of legal capacity
• Who are the Committee?
Key Stages of Examination Process
(Now) Preparatory Work – Reporter
(15 July 2014) Submission of Alternative Reports
(October 2014) Pre-Session Task Force – Adopt List of
(October 2014 – April 2015) State & National Human
Rights Institutions/ DPO’s/ NGO’s Response to List of
(April 2015) Formal Examination – Dialogue with the
State & National Human Rights
(May 2015) Publication of Concluding Observations
(May 2015 onwards) Follow up
Content of State Report
1. Review of measures/actions taken to fulfil CRPD
2. Sets out laws, policies and practices that currently
3. Identifies problems, challenges and shortcomings.
4. Sets out plans aims and objectives to progress
further the implementation of the Convention
including how Government is resolving problems,
challenges and shortcomings identified in its
Alternative Report
• Response to and informed by state report.
• Follow CRPD Treaty Guidelines
• DPO representatives’ report should generally
follow the same form and content as the state
• Identify the current situation – Article specific.
• Make recommendations/questions for Committee
to consider
General Guidance for Alternative Reports
• Be clear, concise, accurate and objective –
identify relevant article/s.
• Provide a short explanation where laws,
policies and practices are specific to
Northern Ireland
• Focus can be one or more articles – no
requirement to take account of all
General Guidance for Alternative Reports
Make key recommendations to improve or resolve
the situation linked to specific articles:
• Only one action per recommendation (prioritise)
• Identify those responsible e.g. NI Exec, Govt. Dept
• Make recommendations measurable if possible
• Propose a time frame for implementation
• Avoid vague or general recommendations
• Identify targeted questions
General Guidance for Alternative Reports
When identifying your concerns/issues,
provide supporting evidence:
• Research
• Case law
• Statistics
• Personal experience
*Remember “less is more”
Cross-cutting Articles
women (Art 6)
children and young people (Art 7)
awareness raising (Art 8)
accessibility (Art 9)
• Link to subject specific articles e.g.
Education (Art 24), Employment (Art 27)
Timing of Submission
• Submit report – list of issues/alternative
report - as early as possible.
Timing of submission should take account of
any informal or local arrangements agreed
with Disabled Persons Organisations
• Co-ordinate with relevant organisations
List of Issues
• A pre-session working group will develop a
‘List of Issues’ – a series of questions for the
State Party
• NHRIs/DPOS/NGOs can make submissions
to CRPD Committee to Influence Selection of
• On publication you may wish to clarify a point
with the Committee or to make a further
DPOs/NGOs have an opportunity to brief
the Committee formally or informally
• The independent mechanism will also be
present to brief the Committee
• Publication of concluding observations
• Follow up
Next Steps
May 2014: IMNI views on LOI available to sector
15 July 2014: Submission of Alternative Reports by
15 August 2014: Submission of UKIM report
October 2014:Pre-Session Task Force – Adopt List of
October 2014 - April 2015: State & National Human
Rights Institutions/ DPO’s/ NGO’s Response to List of
Next Steps (cont.)
• April 2015: Formal Examination –
Dialogue with the State & National Human
Rights Institutions/DPO’s/NGO’s
• May 2015: Publication of Concluding
• May 2015 onwards: Follow up

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