Overview of course while internet is down

Weekly assignment #1 is to (1) share what you would do if you rupture your ACL and provide the best ‘evidence’ that you can to
support your position (2) outline what the ‘issue’ or ‘injury’ that your group will focus on. Put it in the form of a ‘clinical case’ if
possible. Alternatively put it as a prevention program or education advice module you would provide for a coach or team. (3)
Illustrate the van Mechelen Sports Injury Prevention model (as outlined by Roald Bahr in Chapter 9) using an example of an injury.
(3%) Due by email by 4.01 pm – email to:[email protected] Teams of 5 should submit one answer for the team; if you don’t have a
team of 5 you can submit individually or in other combinations – be sure to name your team members on the email
Weekly assignment #2. – Review Chapter 3 with a view to improving it by adding two points made in the ColdPlay (viva la evidence)
video. Do you have any level 1 evidence in your Group Video Assignment (about the clinical case)? Is PICO relevant for your clinical
case? Due by email by 4.01 pm – email to:
First Blog assignment due by 4.01 pm on Sep 30 (in addition to weekly assignment#3 that week)
Weekly assignment #3; 1) You suspect a concussion as a sideline clinician; How do you make the decision?; 2) How would you return a
UBC basketball player back to playing once she/he had no symptoms ( your choice of sex of player and prior history).
Weekly assignment #4 to come
Weekly assignment #5 for Oct 21 (as well as 2nd Blog assignment) due 4.01pm
• 2nd Blog assignment due October 21 4.01 pm; as well as weekly clinical case
assignment for elbow chapter
Weekly assignment #6 (tbc) due at 4.01pm on Oct 29
Weekly assignment #7 (tbc) due at 4.01pm on Nov 4
Weekly assignment #8 (tbc) due at 4.01pm on Nov 18
• Nov 11– Remembrance – Group video assignment due at 11pm on Nov 12.
Weekly assignment #9 (tbc) due at 4.01pm on Nov 25
Final exam – 90 minute written exam; open book, strict time limit (date tba)

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