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5th Grade Curriculum
5th Grade Schedule
• 7:55am – 8:30am Morning Work
• 8:30am – 9:15am Science/Social Studies
*Change classes to Reading and Math classes
• 9:15 am – 12:00 pm Reading/Math Block
*Change classes and return to Science class
• 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Writing/Spelling/Vocabulary
• 12:40 pm – 1:35 pm 5th grade Lunch
• 12:35 pm – 1:35 pm Recess
• 1:35 pm – 2:20 pm Encore – 5 day rotation
• 2:25pm Dismissal
*Students will be dismissed from Encore class.
Social Studies
The student will know:
• How European explorers and American Indian groups
interacted with each other.
• How European explorers and American Indian groups
perceived each other.
• How daily life in the colonies varied based upon the
cultural background of the inhabitants.
• How and why the political and economic structure
among the colonies varied.
• Social issues that were a source of conflict and how
those issues impacted the development of the United
States through Reconstruction.
• Economics issues that were a source of conflict and
how those issues impacted the development of the
United States through Reconstruction.
• Common Core in a nut shell
• Regular practice with complex
texts and their academic language.
• Reading, writing, and
speaking grounded in evidence from
texts, both literary and informational
• Building knowledge through contentrich nonfiction
• The Common Core asks students to read stories
and literature, as well as more complex texts that
provide facts and background knowledge in areas
such as science and social studies. Students will
be challenged and asked questions that push them
to refer back to what they’ve read. This stresses
critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical
skills that are required for success in college,
career, and life.
Fifth grade students are required to quote accurately from the
text to support their answers. “Quote accurately” may include
using their own words. Determining a theme continues to be a
focus and students should be giving more thought to characters‟
actions in a text. They are required to refer to specific details in
the text when finding the similarities and differences between
two or more characters, settings, or events.
Students will continue to tell the meaning of words and phrases in
a text and focus on figurative language. Students should tell how
chapters, scenes, or stanzas in a series fit into the overall
structure of a story, drama, or poem. The students must continue
identifying the narrator's point of view and also explain how it
impacts the events in the text.
Fifth grade students must examine what is heard and/or viewed to
gain an appreciation and understanding of the text. Students will
find similarities and differences in themes and topics when reading
stories of the same genre.
Fifth grade students are capable of reading and understanding a
variety of literature at the higher end of grades 4-5
Writing and
Language Arts
• There will be opportunities for writing across the
curriculum (Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies)
• During the scheduled writing time each day students will
receive direct writing instruction based on the Common
Core Standards - ELA Writing Strand including quarterly
writing pieces (opinion, explanatory and narrative)
• Students will learn conventions and Latin/Greek root
spelling and vocabulary terms based on Common Core
Standards - ELA Language Strand
• From NC Essential Standards for 5th Grade
• Science is tested in 5th grade
• Units Covered include:
– Earth Systems (Weather)
– Genetics
– Ecosystems
– Energy Conservation and Transfer
– Matter, Properties and Change
– Forces and Motion
– Structures and Functions of Living Things (Body
• First Quarter Math Clarifications
• Looking ahead: 2nd Quarter will be
mostly building upon the decimals and
volume units
Testing – Local
• Quarter Tests will be administered 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
quarters. The students will be assessed in Science (laptops),
Math (calculator active and inactive) and Reading. These
results are used to inform instruction and gauge your child’s
progress on mastery of the quarterly expectations. These
scores are not included in report card grades.
• 1st Quarter Testing: October 27-29
• Fifth Graders will also be assessed in Writing.
– First Quarter: Narrative
– Second Quarter: Persuasive
– Third Quarter: Informational
Testing - State
• End of Grade Tests include: Science (laptops), Math
(calculator active and inactive) and Reading. These
assessments measure proficiency and growth and will be
administered over a period of 3 days. These tests
assess proficiency of all the fifth grade standards in
Science (75 items), Math (54 items) and Reading (52
• More information about EOG testing can be found on
www.ncpublicschools.org under Testing or
Family Life
• Healthful Living: Analyze the changes and influences
that occur during puberty and adolescence.
– This instruction is typically later in the year.
– The classes are separated by gender for all components.
– Parents will receive a notice to preview the materials prior to
• Officer Sara Allen will also be with us again this year
for the WSPD SuperKids program.
Field Trips
• We do NOT have specific dates
finalized yet
• Heritage Theater (Oct.)
• Mary Starling (March)
• Camp Acorns (extended day) more
info to come (April)
• Bowling (June)
• Middle School Information Night will
be January 8th (more Info. To come)
• Middle School Visits will only be
approved during a set time period
which will be announced later in the

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