An Overview ofProject Management

An Overview of
Project Management
New Supervisors’ Call
Contact Information
Elaine Lindsay Twedt, PharmD, MS, BCPS, CACP
Business Manager, Pharmacy Recruitment and
Retention Office (PRRO)
VA Outpatient Clinic
1767 Village Park Dr.
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PM definition
Brief History
Introduction to PM
Initiation, Planning, Execution, Closeout
VA training and resources
Polling Question
How much do you know about the Project
Management (PM) discipline?
A. I have never heard of PM.
B. I am familiar with PM, but have no formal
C. I am knowledgeable in PM and apply it to my
D. I am PMP® certified and I keep a copy of the
PMBOK® on my coffee table at home.
PM Defined
• PM is the discipline of planning, organizing,
securing, managing resources to achieve
specific goals
• A project is a temporary endeavor with a
defined beginning and end
• Undertaken to bring about beneficial change
or added value
Project vs. Not a Project
• Temporary
• Resource-constrained
• Brings change
• Examples
– BCMA implementation
– Pharmacy Research Project
– American Pharmacists Month
Not a Project
• Permanent
• Daily business operations
• Repetitive, consistent
• Examples
– Filling prescriptions
– Placing procurement order
– Running Ambulatory Care
A Brief History of PM
• Worldwide
– Vitruvius(1st century BC)
– Henry Gantt(1861–1919), “Father of
Planning and Control Techniques”
– 1950’s: organizations apply PM tools and techniques
to engineering projects
• Veterans Health Administration
– 2003: VA launched OneVA PM Certification and
Training program to meet Office of Management and
Budget’s (OMB) mandate for qualified IT project
– rolling out to Education, Program Offices
Introduction to PM
Four-phase life cycle
Project Initiation
• Influences, stakeholders, project team
• Project selection, cost-benefit ratio, present
value, net present value
• Project charter
• Formulating good objectives (SMART)
• Requirements specifications, Statement of
Work (SOW), assumptions, constraints
Project Planning
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Estimating and Scheduling
• Expected = (O+ML+P)/3
• Scheduling
Gantt Chart Example
Project Execution
• Monitoring and controlling is ongoing
and used by the team
• Change can be managed with a welldesigned change management system
• Earned value shows the project
manager the difference between
what was planned and what has
occurred at a certain point in time
• Risk response plans can be used to
manage risks
• Conflict is inevitable and must be
• Verify scope against agreed-upon
requirements. Closing out with the
customer involves both technical
acceptance and sign-off.
Project Closeout
• Plan for closeout in the WBS and the schedule
• Procurement and project or phase closeout
ensure that all project requirements are met
• Lessons learned impart valuable knowledge to
your organization for use in future work
• Closing out the project with the team,
stakeholders, and yourself
• Includes appropriate recognition and celebration
of your efforts
VA Project Management Training
• For VISN employees of Program Office employees
• The George Washington University School of Business and
ESI International
• Up to 18 months to complete 7 core courses
Managing Projects
Project Leadership, Management, and Communications
Scheduling and Cost Control
Risk Management
Quality for Project Managers
Contract Management Principles and Practices
Project Management Applications
• Masters Certificate in Project Management from GWU
Screenshot of VA PM home page
Talent Management System (TMS)
• 134 offerings for PM training
Resources Available on PRRO site
• Under “Popular
also under
“New Pharmacy
• Click on
Tools” folder

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