Biotech Info Session PPT

Biotechnology Pathway
Information Session
Share your name with the group.
 Where are you from?
Why are you interested in the Bridges to College program’s
Biotechnology Pathway?
“I firmly believe that Bridges to College is the best
program to help people be successful.”
JVS’s Bridges to College program offers a FREE 23-week Biotechnology path,
including FREE science, math, and career/academic readiness classes to accepted
students. Expectations in this pathway are at a higher academic level and are
designed to prepare students to successfully transition into a 9-month (23 credit)
Biotechnology and Compliance Certificate Program at Quincy College.
Once at Quincy College, students of the Biotechnology and Compliance
Certificate Program will receive hands-on laboratory experience on
state- of-the-art single-use equipment identical to industry equipment.
Must have a high school diploma/High School Equivalency Assessment
Must be a U.S. citizen or have legal permanent U.S. residency or a green
card (asylum or refugee status also accepted)
Must have a good math foundation
Must be at least 18 years old or older
Must plan on starting the Biotechnology & Compliance Certificate
program directly after successfully completing the Bridges to College
Candidates with a Criminal Offenders Record Information (CORI) are
advised that the biotechnology industry is not a CORI friendly industry.
Candidates who possess a CORI will be asked some additional
questions if invited for an interview.
Must not be in default on a prior student loan
To help you place into college-level courses.
To help you improve your math and science skills.
To help you transition into a college-level Biotechnology and
Compliance Certificate program.
To help you become a successful college student.
To help you with job search support.
Classes for the Bridges to College program meet:
 Evening Classes (Biotechnology)
◦ Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Coaching Group Class meets once a week
◦ 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Tuesdays or 3 PM – 4 PM Thursdays
Individual Coaching Appointments
◦ Each student will meet with his or her Academic Coach for a 3045 minute individual meeting approximately every three weeks.
Students should expect to have about 5-6 hours of homework
per week, including work assigned in class by instructors and
self-study computer software.
Tutoring schedule will also be available (or required) once the
program starts.
Bridges to College is FREE for students, but costs
our sponsors $9,000 per student.
MINIMUM Attendance Requirements
90% Attendance for classes, workshops, events
and individual appointments.
90% On time to all classes!
90% Completion of all Assigned Homework
(including self-study).
Being a Bridges to College Biotechnology student is a BIG commitment! You
MUST have your work schedule, child care, and family responsibilities in order so
you can come to class every day for the 23-week program!
2 Forms of MA Residency
 (MA license; MA ID; Utilities Bill; Renting Lease
or Housing Document)
A Proof of US Residency
 (Birth Certificate; US Passport; Green Card; Resident Visa)
High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Assessment (ORIGINAL COPY)
 Must be translated in English (resources will be provided at the time of your interview)
1 Proof of Income
 2013 W2 Tax Forms for all family members (spouse, parent or guardian)
 2013 Tax Returns
 Pay stub for current employment
 Proof of child support also accepted
 Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) or welfare letter also accepted
Resume (If available)
College Transcript (If available)
*Failure to provide these original documents may delay your acceptance.
These documents are used for college admissions and financial aid applications.
We have helped 300 people enroll into college!
If you successfully complete the JVS program, you
will have:
◦ Improved math and science skills necessary to
successfully enter the Biotechnology & Compliance
Certificate program!
◦ FREE tutoring and academic/career coaching.
◦ Social, community building, networking and educational
◦ Money towards tuition and textbooks.
◦ Job search support in your final semester of college.
Our Bridges to College Biotechnology
Coach works tirelessly to give
students step-by-step personalized
help with:
College Admissions Process
Class Registration and Scheduling
Financial Aid and Paying for College
Diploma and Transcript Translations
Industry-specific Job Readiness and
Application Skills
“They took the fear out of going
to college.”
“The coaching is literally the
‘bridge’ part of Bridges to
“Our coach is critical to our future success. I wish I had
this kind of coaching earlier on in life.”
• Orientation
• FREE Tutoring
• Quincy College Campus Tour
• Tour of Quincy College’s
Biotechnology Training Laboratory
• Guest Speakers
• Biotechnology Industry Panel
• Cultural Sharing
• Visit from JVS President & CEO
• Program Graduation Reception
• Special Alumni Events & Workshops
•Resume Workshop
•Alumni Reunion
•LinkedIn Workshop
Massachusetts is projected to grow 393 new jobs in
bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing over the next three years.
(Massachusetts Life Sciences Industry Entry Level Employment
Demand Report, 2013).
Average entry level starting salary in the biotechnology/
bio-manufacturing field is between $38,000 - $45,000 per year.
There are over 700 companies in Massachusetts that specialize in
Biotechnology manufacturing.
There are over 400 Biotechnology companies in the Greater
Boston area that are accessible by public transportation.
“The biopharma industry has far outpaced the Massachusetts
economy as a whole in terms of job growth.” MassBio,
Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, “Biotechnology Industry
Snapshot, 2010.”
Students will gain about 350 hours of hands-on lab experience in the
bio-manufacturing of medicine with single-use technology.
The certificate program takes only 9 months to complete.
Historically the college-level certificate program classes are 2-4 days a week,
Monday – Thursday starting after 5:30 pm. There may be some Saturday
afternoon classes to ensure students receive enough lab training. Class days and
times may vary pending on the college’s academic calendar.
Students will earn 23 college-level credits after successfully completing the
certificate program. Credits can be applied to an associates degree at the college.
Students will learn the skills required to prepare chemical buffers and cell culture
media for use in the biomanufacturing industry.
Student will obtain an in depth understanding of protein purification.
Students will discover the role of Quality Assurance in the day-to-day operations
of the manufacturing facility.
Students will learn the process of writing and following standard operating
procedures (SOPs).
The college has developed partnerships with key biotechnology industry leaders such as
Shire and Millennium in an effort to ensure that program graduates make a successful
transition into the workforce after completing Quincy College’s Biotechnology and
Compliance Certificate Program.
Targeted Biotechnology Job Titles
•Process Development Associate
•Validation Specialist
•Manufacturing Technician – Upstream
•Instrumentation/Calibration Technician
•Chemistry QC Technician
•Microbiology QC Technician
•And more…
“I will never forget the
family we created with
our coaches and entire
JVS staff.”
~ Freyel Odvil ~
“The program gave me a
great knowledge about the
USA, from learning how
to get financial aid to
knowing how to write a
cover letter.”
~ Amare Woldetensan ~
Describe how you will make the Bridges to College program’s Biotechnology
Pathway a priority in your life?
What changes would you need to make to be successful in the program and
in college?
How will your life improve when you successfully complete college?
 20-minute writing sample
 Complete the written Math and Science
assessment test.
 Learn if you are qualified for an interview.
 Complete the application and homework
at home.
 Return to JVS for your interview with Cindy
the Biotechnology Pathway Coach and bring
your complete application, homework and
ALL REQUIRED documents.
 3-4 weeks after your interview, you will learn
your acceptance status.
If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask them
now. You can also contact:
• Cindy Firestein, [email protected] and 617-399-3228
• Joyce Lin, [email protected] and 617-399-3305
Please arrive 15 minutes early for the interview. Interviews will
be about 1 hour long.
Bring your completed application and all required
documents to the interview. Bring a printed copy of your
completed homework.
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