Chapter 8 Power Point Slides

Chapter 8
• Rapid blood loss can lead to shock
or death.
• Loss of 1 quart in adult
• Loss of 1 pint in child
• Hemorrhaging
• Loss of a large quantity of blood in a
short amount of time
Types of External Bleeding
• Arterial (spurting)
• Venous (flowing)
• Capillary (oozing)
Body’s Response to Bleeding
• Body responds naturally to bleeding:
• Blood vessel spasm
• Severed blood vessels draw back and constrict.
• Clotting
• Platelets form clot.
• Serves as a protective covering for wound
Care for External Bleeding (1 of 4)
• Wear gloves.
• If no gloves,
improvise with other
• Expose wound.
Care for External Bleeding (2 of 4)
• Apply pressure.
• Place sterile gauze
pad or clean cloth
over wound.
• Hold direct pressure
for at least 5
• Do not remove
Care for External Bleeding (3 of 4)
• Use a pressure
• Wrap roller gauze
tightly over
• Do not cut off
Care for External Bleeding (4 of 4)
• Do not apply direct pressure to:
• Protruding bone fracture
• Skull fracture
• Embedded object
• Instead, use a ring pad.
• Form a loop by wrapping bandage around
four fingers.
• Pass other end of bandage through loop.
• Wrap entire bandage around and around.
Internal Bleeding
• Skin is intact and blood is not seen.
• Can be life-threatening
• Causes:
Bleeding stomach ulcers
Lacerated liver
Ruptured spleen
Broken bones
Recognizing Internal Bleeding (1 of 2)
Bright red blood from mouth or rectum
Blood in urine
Vaginal bleeding (nonmenstrual)
Vomiting blood
• Bright red, dark red, or coffee grounds
• Stools are black, tarry, foul-smelling.
Recognizing Internal Bleeding (2 of 2)
• Pain, tenderness, bruising, or swelling
• Broken ribs, bruises over lower chest
• Rigid abdomen
Care for Severe Internal Bleeding
• Monitor breathing.
• Have victim lie on left side.
• Prevents aspiration of vomit
• Treat for shock.
• Keep warm with coat or blanket.
• For internal bleeding in an extremity,
apply a splint.
• Seek immediate medical care.
A form of internal bleeding
Not life-threatening
Apply ice pack for 20 minutes.
Apply elastic bandage for
compression to extremity.

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