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“Solar Power is not about Fashion, it’s about
-Sir Norman Foster
What we are?
Mission and Vision
What we do?
Inner View
Quality Policy
“Leadership is a potent combination of
strategy and character. But if you must be
without one, be without the strategy.”
– Norman Schwarzkopf
What we are?
What is ‘GLARE Solar’?
• GLARE Solar is a Indian company which works to uplift the world
environment for a better future. Renewable energy being the future of the
world and solar being one of the most potential renewable energy, we
target to reach every part of the world to secure the environment and
make energy available to all for a long period.
• GLARE Solar is a proud manufacturer of high quality crystalline panels
using hi-tech and advance automatic production facilities in coloration
with European technology providers.
• GLARE Solar team has decades of experience and expertise in design and
manufacturing solar products. A unique development approach &
innovative proprietary processes that enable us to deliver leading edge
solar module performance while cutting the cost of the PV value chain.
Who are we?
I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of
the finest world of solar.
In this age of global warming, non-standard power sources, like the sun,
wind or organic matter, to name a few, are becoming increasingly relevant.
Solar energy is a very environment friendly power source of
unconventional energy. This are no releases of greenhouse gases during
solar power generation. This form of energy can be used in a variety of
ways, in our daily life without harming the environment and our future.
This is not a business for us, this is our responsibility towards our society
and environment.
You would expect me to say that our company is different from all the
others. But instead I would prefer to let you make a judgment for yourself
about us.
Vishal Patel
( Director Marketing )
“Good business leaders create a vision,
articulate the vision, passionately own the
vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”
- Jack Welch
Mission and Vision
Our mission & Vision
The process to define our mission & vision statements is continuous and
so these will develop as the organisation develops and grows over time.
All staff members throughout the organisation are connecting with
the statement and understanding the contribution needed for our
overall success
The finished article is a powerful statement that
everyone agrees with
Stakeholder Feedback
Revise or Rewrite
All stakeholders (owners, employees and customers)
buy into what we are doing
We communicate what we do and who we are
as an organisation
The mission and vision are clearly understood
by all
 Mission
Our mission is to continue to help expand the global solar energy
industry to make solar power a clean, reliable & reachable energy
source for everyone throughout the world.
 Vision
Our vision is to become the global leader in manufacturing & providing
high quality and cost effective complete solar system & solution that
will provide clean, reliable & grid competitive electric power around
the world.
 Core Value
We always believe and follow our core values:
 Teamwork
 Sincerity
 Passion
 Commitment
We are dedicated to provide the best PV solutions through
innovative business approach, operational excellence &
technological experts.
“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas,
what’s missing is the will to execute them.”
Seth Godin
What we do?
What we do?
GLARE Solar offer multi crystalline modules, ranging from 10W to
250W, which are designed to generate optimum energy from
sunlight and can withstand the roughest climatic conditions.
Product features
 Best - in class manufacturing technology and equipment from
Europe with High Quality, TUV & UL Certified raw materials.
 High Transitivity, Low iron, Tempered & Toughened glass to
ensure higher light absorption.
 Anodized Al. frames and high quality back sheet to ensure
protection in all weather conditions.
 High quality encapsulation material to ensure high quality
lamination and best working on field.
 High quality IP-65 Junction Box to ensure high electrical
output and best registrant to temperature to all weather
 5 Year of mechanical workmanship warranty.
 12 Years of output power warranty for performance of not
less than 90% of output power.
 25 Years of output power warranty for performance of not
less than 80% of output power.
 Globally recognized & World class certificates of IEC 61215 &
IEC 61730, IEC 61701, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.
 MNRE Approved Solar Modules and Complete Systems.
 Ideal for on-grid as well as off-grid applications.
GLARE Solar has highly automatic production facility from European
technology provider ranging to 25MW capacity of solar module
manufacturing with complete in-house testing facility along with
highly expert, dedicated and technical team. Our process contains
following steps:
 Stringing: Setting up electrical connections between strings of solar
PV cells involves the stringing process. Cells are stringed together
using automated stringing equipments. (Stringer with two robots
and inspection unit) employing pre-programmable software.
 Bushing: This step involves linking the cell string in a series-parallel
structure with the help of bus ribbons, in order to give the required
shape to the module prior to encapsulation. Strings of cell are laid
up in a proper configuration and each string is connected with bus
ribbons to form one interconnected solar module.
 Lay-up: The laminating materials are laid up in a particular
sequence and certain characteristics are measured with electronic
equipments, which is followed by cutting of EVA and back sheets
using automatic cutting machines.
 Lamination: After the pre-lamination testing, the PV laminator
bonds the multiple layers of the material with thermoplastic films
and a vacuum process ensure the complete encapsulation of all
 Framing: After the quality control measures, the PV modules
laminate is measured and trimmed and a anodized aluminum frame
is added and sealed into place. This process is carried out by a
automated framing machining.
 Fixing J.B.: Fixing a junction box and connection cables to the rear
side of the panel enables easy electrical integration among modules
in the installation site.
“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts
together. It's coming up with ideas, testing
principles and perfecting the engineering.”
- James Dyson
Inner View
Manufacturing process
Glass Loading
Foil Cutter
Stringer & Assembler
Visual Inspection
Voltage Inspection
JB Fixing
Automatic Framing
Sealant Dispensing
“Quality begins on the inside… and then works
its way out.”
- Bob Moawad
Quality Policy
What we believe!
Developing an organization that encourages innovation,
empowerment & respect of every customer & employee.
Continuous involvement in research and development
Update & Upgrade its processes to meet the ever changing
business requirements.
Complying with all applicable statutory & legal requirements.
Quality standards
Standard maintained
Cell Tester
Vernier Inspection
Gel Testing
Quality inspection
Lux meter
Tilt Angle indicator
DC Clamp meter
Ampere meter
Final check
Hi-Pot Tester
Final Visual Inspection
Tested OK Mark
Quality assurance
IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701 Standards for PV Panels
ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004
MNRE, NSIC, SEC Approved In India
Tested & Recognized by Eurofins Modulo Uno SpA, Italy.
Our services
Solar Power Plant (Turnkey Services)
Solar Water Pump
Solar Home light and power pack
Solar Street Light
Thank you
Glare Appliances Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 1/C, Survey No. 188
Vill. Veraval ( Shapar),
Rajkot – 360 024.
Ph : +91 2827 252512
Email: [email protected]

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