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Clean Tech support policies :
Piemonte activities and vision
Massimo DA VIA’
Environment Park S.p.A.- Torino
Gödöllő (HU), September 20 2012
The Science and technology park
Environment Park was founded on 1996, by an initiative
of Piedmont Region, Province of Torino and City of
Torino, and it‘s built on a former industrial area.
Envipark is a private shared company with public
Park mission is to provide SMEs support to develop
innovative solutions in the fields of environmental and
energy technologies
Envipark is a coordinator of POLIGHT, regional R&D
cluster on green building and hydrogen technologies
Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte lays in the north
western Italy, and Torino is the capital
The Region accounts 4.450.000
inhabitants (8% of national population),
and accounts for 8,7% of national GDP
(115 Bn Euros) and 10% of national
Piemonte is among most industrialized
Italian regions, main sectors are
automotive and fine mechanics, agrofood, aerospace and textile.
Manufacturing account around 50,000
enterprises, mainly SMEs .
Top known enterprises are FIAT, Alenia,
Ferrero, Zegna, Martini&Rossi and many
Regional Clean tech clusters
In the framework of ERDF plan, with an
overall investment of 100 M euros about,
Piemonte Region has launched and
supports 12 clusters , 5 of which
operating on Clean Tech sectors those
POLIGHT hydrogen and sustainable
building, 135 enterprises,
IBIS – green chemistry, 45 enterprises
PROPLAST – plastic materials,185
POLIBRE, bio fuels and PV, 110
ENERMHY, hydroelectric and biomasses,
85 enterprises
Cluster’s Top companies
Some of the clusters enterprises have
already developed market products:
NOVAMONT: world player in bio based
plastic materials (mater bi tm )
CHEMTEX : innovative processes for II
generation bio ethanol from
lignocelluloses wastes
hydrogen back up power systems for ICT
Incubation and Diversification
Clusters don not normally run incubation
activities, the Regional Incubators (e.g I3P) and
polytechnic of Turin are cluster members.
Considering Industry figures in the region,
clusters are more focused on industry product
diversification, that can lead to creation of
industrial spin off.
Some examples:
ICT and mechanical companies
(PV for marine and high altitude conditions)
SAVIO (metal casting)
Thesan (PV modules)
Eolicar (wind turbines)
And many others independent new companies
Clusters support also new company created out of
the contexts of existing industry or academies (
The regional cluster support programme
The regional cluster programme offer
several funding measure playing all along
the development of a new company, via
the cluster . Cluster services are
supported by the same programme.
An example of VASS TECH company, a
POLIGHT cluster member
carried by company
business plan
regional cluster funds
R&D and product test
regional cluster funds,
national EU programmes
regional cluster funds,
innovation procurement
funds (Piemontech) and
BA (Investors club )
expositions, promotion
early market
company growth
meeting, surveys, expert finding,
meeting wth potential
partners/customers (cluster
support to fund application, project
support to fund application
promotion, B2B, networking,
application to PIP
support to idea application
indirect support, promotion
support to cluster
regional support funds to cluster
Business idea
cluster services
company funds,
chamber of
commerce …
The Piemonte Clean tech cluster
In the framework of re-organization of support
measures for next EU programme period , the
region is launching the creation of a Clean tech
cluster , coordinating under a single entity the
existing clusters operating on green economy
Goals are to enforce the capacities of the regional
systems to compete and cooperate at EU level, in
the framework of Smart Specialization EU
Strategy and Horizon 2020
At the same time, this cluster aims to be a player
inside national cluster initiative (launched on Mai
2012) and EU networks.
Torino Energy Center
Regione Piemonte and the city of Torino, in
partnership with the Politecnico of Torino,
have launched the creation of a new R&D
facility for renewable energies and energy
Construction will end on 2015, and the
center will host academies, clusters and
industries researches for innovative
International collaboration will be a key
Innovation Procurement
Regione Piemonte and the city of Torino, ,
in the framework of EU initiatives (CIP and
INTEREG) are testing the procedures for
“Public procurement for innovation” with the
aim to support the newcomers in the early
market phase.
Clusters are supporting local authorities in
design and fit the procurement rules to local
conditions, interface with industries,
technology scouting and benchmark
The two calls recently launched on energy
saving in building and energy management.
Procedures are expected to be officially
A Clean tech to market strategy
In the closing EU programme period the region
and the City have created the condition to fully
exploit the potential of local industry and
academy systems.
Together with incubators and academies,
Clusters have playing a role in support the
deployment of regional and EU policies, both on
R&D and support to creation of new enterprises,
in particular industrial spin off.
Investments in infrastructure, procurement for
innovation and reorganization of cluster policies
towards the creation of a regional Clean tech
cluster are the next steps.
Parco Scientifico Tecnologico per
Via Livorno 60, 10144 TORINO (I)
[email protected]

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