iran powerpoint

What are the pre-revolution norms or expectation of Iranian
societal institutions such as school, religion, families, and
government and how did they impact the citizens of Iran, the
U.S. and/or the rest of the world?
Talita Ahmed, period 4.
 Religion played a major role in Iran before the White revolution.
Women wore veils out in the public, Iran was a theocracy
(government mixing religion and economics) and Shar’iah, which
means Islamic law was the basis of Iran.
 Families were in patriarchal households, women did not have the
right to divorce their husbands, the FPA (family protection acts)
minimum marriage age was fifteen, birth and death rates were
significantly high.
 Shah Reza governed Iran before Shah Mohammed Reza. During
the time, the shah’s regime was oppressive, corrupt and brutal.
 Education was and still is one of Iran’s top priorities. There has
been more than 18 million students in segregated schools and
universities. Women during the time surprisingly made up 50%
of this population.
 Although over 66% of the major labor force was men with blue
collared jobs like working in industries or factories.
 Some impacts on Iranian citizens included lower salaries for the
work force, less opportunity and rights for women, brutal
oppression from Shah Reza which lead to several protests.
 It also impacted the United States because Iran and the U.S. till
this day do not have diplomatic relationships, especially since Iran
used to and still does create nuclear weapons which can lead
possible conspiracies.
 Many countries that were allies with Iran would also protest for
the removal of shah Reza, hold fundraisers to raise money for
gender equality and much more.
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