North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO)
Mohammed Mirza
Kunal Sinha
What is NATO?
Main role of NATO is to safeguard the
freedom and security of its members through political
and military means.
promotes democratic values and encourages
consultation and cooperation on defence and security
issues to build trust within nations
committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes. If
diplomatic efforts fail, it has the military capacity needed
to undertake crisis management operations.
NATO est. 1949 - Present
Established in 1949, NATO continues to play an
increasingly important role in crisis management and
peacekeeping around the world
Significantly changed since its inception
Original purpose was to act as a defense for the U.S,
U.K and other european countries against threats from
the soviet union
Has changed since to incorporate peacekeeping
throughout the world especially to its members
Members of NATO
Advantages of Membership
Helps member states create their defensive
Appealing to small countries, which are unable to
defend themselves and NATO helps for its member
states when a problem of defense rises
Encourages greater investment, assures stability
and encourages rapid economical development
These three factors are essential for any
Disadvantages of Membership
Need to help out (members are obligated)
Country uses own defence funds
A nation has to spend a lot of money in preparation
of joining NATO which could be used to invest in
helping boost its own economy instead
International Impact
In 2011, NATO intervened during the Arab Spring revolution in
Along with American planes and ships, NATO bombarded Gaddafi
to take him out of power.
The UN makes use of NATO, and of the six countries that we will
have to know about, the United Kingdom is the only one who is
a member of NATO
The UK also participated in the Arab Spring Revolution in Libya
and put an end to Gaddafi's rule
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