Intermec License Manage (ILM) Training

Product support
 Download and install ILM on a PC that never had
Smart System installed or had any attempt of Smart
System installed.
 Installation requires a reboot of the PC.
License creation steps
1- Import license
2- Add devices
3- Create license bundle
4- Export xml file
and print ScanNgo Bar Code
5- Add more units to an export
XML or to ScanNgo Bar Code
Import License
The License ID is part of
an email received from
[email protected]
Go to Tools,
Import License
Enter the Activation ID
Change the Count
The count should be
changed to the
amount of licenses
you want to use.
Import License
Expanding the
Licenses folder
will show all the
License IDs and
Names, etc.
Add Devices
The devices that connect with Active Sync or WMDC will show up automatically in Devices
New folder can be created . Copy and paste units from one folder to the other, one unit at a time.
Add Device from a .csv file
 You can also add devices from an Excel .csv file
 The format is Comma Separated Values
 There should not be any space at the end of the data.
Open the file with Notepad to proof the data.
There will be no diamond shape at the end of the Device ID
Add Devices from a .cvs file
License one device
 You can right click on a device
 Add License
License Bundle
 The License Bundle will create an xml file that can be
dropped in the Smart System/ssconfigdir folder
 Right click on License Bundle folder, create New
License Bundle
 Choose the License ID that you want to export
 Give it a name
Export xml file and/or Print barcode
Add more units to an export XML
to ScanNgo Bar Code
 Go to License Bundles
 Right click on the License Bundle Name and Edit
 Choose the license type
 Choose the activation ID
 Choose the devices folder
 Check the devices
 You can keep the same name, the xml and the pdf file will
have all the units in the file (previous and new units)

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