Online Testing in Eduphoria

Create a .csv (comma delimited) file containing
the local student id number for every student in
the grade level that is testing and a password.
(No set column widths or row heights.)
The password can be one generic password that
all students can use or you can assign a different
password to each student.
When a student tests online, he/she will need
his/her student id and a password. Their
password is whatever you made it. Of course, the
student will have to be told what his/her password
Don’t put column or row titles in the spreadsheet.
Populate it exactly as is shown and then upload
this file into eduphoria (directions on how to do
that are following in the next few slides).
To Upload Student Ids and Passwords
Switch Applications to
School Objects: management
Click on Roster tab
Click on Import Student Passwords
1. Insert the csv file that
contains the student id
numbers and passwords
2. Upload the file
After the file has uploaded, you will see a message below the browse/upload
icons that tells you the number of files (students) that were processed. This
means you have successfully uploaded your students for online testing.
Create your test in Eduphoria just like you
normally would. Then click on:
 Students (tab next to Administration)
Assigned Students
(1) all students in the test’s grade level (bubble in)
 Administration (tab)
(2) Allow online testing (place checkmark in box)
(3) Allow teachers to enable online testing for their classes (bubble in)
(Graphics on following slides.)
1. Click on Students tab
2. Choose all students in the
test’s grade level
1. Click on Administration tab
All of this stays the same…no
changes from the way the test
was originally created. Be sure
and continue to keep ThirdParty Answer Sheets clicked if
you want to also be able to
allow answer documents to be
scanned for this test, too.
2. Click on Allow online testing
3. Click on Allow teachers to
enable online testing for their
Name of Test: Motion and Speed Test
Know name of test so that students will
know which test to click on when they log
in to test.
Notice Online Testing Path
Students will use this address to
access their online test.
Click on Test Available
Click on Motion and
Speed Test
Click on the period that contains the
students who will be testing
Click on Start
Give the system enough time to load everything. The
students will then be ready to test online.
Have them log in to:
and click on the applicable test.
Student login screen looks
like this:
Click on the name of the test
Click on Next
Student will click on answer choice
Click Next to go to next question
Online Ruler
Online Highlighter
Answer question #2 and click on
Previous to go back to the previous
question or Next to go to question #3.
• Submit Test Without Filling in
• Save Test (and finish later)
• Score Test
You May Now Go to Eduphoria and View
Student Data Immediately

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