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Employee Emergency contact system is an internet based
portal where employees can update their safety status.
Portal will display messages, alerts, contact numbers
related to the events.
Employees can login to this portal by providing his/her
employee Id , Date Of Birth and Email Id.
Employees can update safety status of their colleagues as
well using this system.
Portal can be accessed through
Employee can login to this portal by providing his/her employee Id , Date Of Birth and Email ID
Login page will also have information about emergency contacts ,Do’s and Don'ts and Help and FAQs
Update Safety Status:
Employee can update his/her safety status as well as other employees safety status.
Employee has to enter mandatory information like status, contact Number, Address/ Location, Contact person
and remarks.
This page also displays the messages posted in Twitter.
Update Safety Status:
Employees can also mention the contact number to which message is to be sent in case of emergency.
Update Safety Status: Other employees
Employee can update other employee’s status using the option shown above.
User can enter multiple employee number separated by comma in case they want to update it for
more than one employee.
Use Search feature to search by name and then add employee.
I am not able to log in. I get message " Invalid user - the given Employee ID, mail ID and Date of
birth combination doesn’t exist. Please try again.“
 You can log in only if you are valid employee of Infosys and employee number, mail ID, Date of
birth matches with that of what is saved in IS database. In case you are a new joinee you need
to wait for a day for the data to reflect on this Internet system.
I am in an emergency situation, what should I do?
 Call 911
 When possible update the site with your safety status. Phoenix team will look into the status.
I am trying to enter the text shown in image, but it’s not working.
 Please try again. In case there is difficulty in reading what is shown in image, use refresh button
to get a new image. Note, the characters are case insensitive.
I am currently at region outside US. Should I update my status in this site?
 If you are US employee or deputed to US please update the status.
I had updated my status some time back. Can I change it now?
 Yes, you can update you current status. By default system will display the latest status that
was updated, but you can modify it.
I know the status of my friend, can I update on his/her behalf?
 Yes, you can update it. Use the 'Other employee' feature & enter the employee number of your
friend. In case you don’t know the employee number you can search based on name.
What contact number do I have to give?
 Give the contact number where you can be reachable.
I have selected ‘Do you wish to inform someone about your whereabouts?’. Will that be sent
 The message will not be sent instantly. Infosys will call out to employee for validation of
information provided. Infosys reserves the right to decide whether to call or not.
Emergency Contact:
Infosys DRR emergency – 1-800-251-3127
Application Support:
[email protected]
+91 9620084854

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