802.11u - Terena

802.11-2012 Interworking
Scott Armitage
Recent 11u Developments
• wpa_supplicant updated to allow network selection
based upon roaming consortium id
• Cisco wireless updated to allow 40bit roaming
consortium ids
• Samsung Galaxy S III have been Passpoint™
• Currently it appears only carriers can create 11u
profiles i.e. no gui for users (sphotspot20.conf)
• Rumours of an update in 2013 to allow users to
create 11u profiles
• 802.11u supported in device
• Operator Selection
• EAP Authentication
• TTLS/MSCHAPv2 (user/password)
• HotSpot 2.0
Basic Test – Roaming Consortium ID
• Initial test to check network selection using
eduroam Roaming Consortium ID
• Basic client configuration
• wpa_supplicant
• Cisco 1142 AP / WiSM2 Contoller
• Cisco code release
Basic Test – WLAN 11u Configuration
Basic Test – wpa_suplicant Configuration
Basic Test – wpa_supplicant debug
Overlap with Domain Test
• 2 x SSIDs both with eduroam Roaming
Consortium ID
• Home Domain advertised by one AP
• Roaming Domain advertised by other AP
• Network selection using eduroam Roaming
Consortium ID
• Client configuration with Home Domain
Domain Test: WLAN Configuration
Domain Test: Client Configuration
Domain Test
Same SSID, Different Domains Test
2 x Access Points
Same Roaming Consortium ID
Different Domain in WLAN 11u Settings
Same SSID, Different Domains Test
Mobility Services Advertisement Protocol
• eduroam icon with links
• Service provider icon with links e.g. AUP,
intranet, etc
Russell Square Problem
• eduroam Roaming Consortium ID
• Domain (Advertisement / Client Configuration)
• Used to Identify home SP

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