Confident, Caring & Committed!

Confident, Caring & Committed!
Second Semester
• ID’s…please wear them around your neck at all times.
6th = Black Lanyard
7th = Yellow Lanyard
8th = Green Lanyard
$5 replacement cost for ID… $2 for lanyard
• Consequences:
• 1st = call home or purchase new ID
• 2nd = purchase new ID and lunch or after school detentionparent contacted
• 3rd = purchase new ID and possible suspension
Confident, Caring & Committed!
Wearing YOUR ID
• A few reminders• Outdoor wear (coats, jackets, hats etc) in the classrooms, halls, and the cafeteria.
Coats and headwear must be kept in lockers.
• Hats, caps, scarves, or bandanas are not to be worn inside the building; they are to
be kept in student lockers during the day, unless required in class for safety reasons.
• Skirts, shorts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.
• Clothing and accessories with offensive words and symbols or accessories, alcohol or
drug related sayings or symbols (including guns or tobacco products).
• Tight fitting clothing or clothing of spandex-type material. This includes YOGA
• Underwear and sleepwear as outer clothing, slippers not to be worn as shoes.
• Sunglasses, unless a written prescription from a doctor is provided.
• No holes or tattered fabric in pants above the knees.
• No chains or sharp objects or exposed undergarments.
• Any other clothing that is deemed inappropriate by the school staff.
• If we see your underwear, you will be warned once, and then sent home!
• No inappropriate words or pictures on bracelets.
• Backpacks or bags of any type should be in your locker.
• Served 7:20 – 7:41
• Enter through rear (East) doors (Door 12)
• Students may remain in cafeteria or return outside
once finished
• Breakfast closes @ 7:41
• If you are not in the cafeteria, you must be outside.
Not in the hallways or at lockers. Not in the vestibule
area. For EVERYONE’S SAFETY -Stand back from the
doorways so we can open them!
Confident, Caring & Committed!
 RED – No Cell Phone Use (bathroom, locker room, clinic, or
main office while waiting for administrator)
 YELLOW – Administrator and teacher discretion (classroom,
hallway- passing time, lunchroom)
 GREEN – Allowed anytime! (outside on school grounds,
vestibule, front office area, hallway- before and after school)
 No over ear, ear buds or blue tooth Headphones Worn during
 No pictures or video-taking
• 1st offense. Confiscated and returned to parent.
• 2nd offense. Confiscated and put in June box and/or suspension.
• Failure to comply with the ECD Policy may, at the FULL
discretion of the administration, result in the suspension of any or all
technology use and connectivity privileges, disciplinary action, and possibly
Confident, Caring & Committed!
As of January 26, 2015…
• If a student is tardy 3 times in one class each quarter….
• The teacher will discuss their attendance status with the student and
make a call home to the parent.
• If a student is tardy 5 times in one class each quarter….
• The teacher will issue a Morning Detention.
• A detention slip sent home to parent(s) for signature.
• Students must serve a teacher scheduled morning detention from
7:10-7:40. Failure to make that scheduled detention will result in a
double detention. Failure to show up for the double detention will
result in an office referral.
• If a student is tardy 7 times in one class they will be issued a yellow office
Confident, Caring & Committed!
3-5-7 Tardy Policy
• Mrs. Prevo is in the media center 1st & 4th
hours ONLY!
• Cannot use the media center without a teacher
during the other hours.
• Can go during lunchtime with permission, except
for C lunch. Remember to get a pass from Mr.
• No arts and crafts activities in the library.
• Printing pictures on library printer is limited.
Confident, Caring & Committed!
Media Center Usage
• Is a privilege
• Not guaranteed
• Food and drinks are not allowed
• School rules still apply and are enforced
• Students traveling to Butcher:
• Bus 1: 6th Graders ride together
• Bus 2: 7th and 8th Grade ride together
Warren Consolidated Schools
Confident, Caring & Committed!
Taking The Bus
What is PBIS
• Attention is focused on creating and sustaining
school-wide, classroom and individual support that
helps students improve their lifestyle results
(personal, health, social, family, work, recreation) by
• making targeted misbehavior less effective, efficient,
and relevant,
• and desired behavior more functional.
• Building-wide discipline is the emphasis on schoolwide systems of support
• Proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and
supporting appropriate student behaviors to create
positive school environments.
Confident, Caring & Committed!
CCC Cards
Recognizes students following the positive
behaviors outlined by the CCC Matrix.
– Green- 8th Grade
– Beige- 7th Grade
– White- 6th Grade
We will draw 3 names fro each grade
each week.
Students will be announced and a
warded a sweet treat at their lunch on
Names will be included in a weekly PBIS
Spotlight on the Carleton News.
In addition, a month long list if names
will go in the School Letter
Teachers will fill out the card and students
are then responsible for dropping it in the
Green and Yellow Box located at the front of
the building near the Colt statue.

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