Elizabeth I Main Characters

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 This group is formed by Adrian Humbert, Joan Rojas,
Robert Trull, Ricard España and Joan Torrents. In this
Power Point we are going to explain you who were the
main characters of the film, what did they do in the
past and what do they do in the plot of the film. We
hope you enjoy it!
 Elizabeth's life was troubled from the moment she was
born. Henry VIII had changed the course of his
country's history in order to marry Anne Boleyn,
hoping that she would bring him the strong and
healthy son that Catherine of Aragon never did. Henry
the VIII wanted to have a son but Catherine of Aragon
never brought him so he decided to marry with Anne
Boleyn. But Anne Boleyn brought to Henry VIII a girl
too, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a daughter of the late
King Henry VIII, so she was in line to the throne.
 She was surrounded by advisers, like William Cecil,
and Francis Walsingham whose ministry dominated
much of his reign, known as the "Elizabeth age". He
refund the offer of marriage to Philip II of Spain, and
would remain single all his life, earning him
nicknames like "the virgin queen" in absolutely
justified given the long relationship he had with
various lovers, especially with the ear of Leicester
 She was a protestant queen so she pursued the
Catholic people. In the film we can see that a the Duke
of Norfolk tries to kill her just for being Protestant and
not Catholic like the other Kings.
 He studied at king’s college, after he goes to the
European university of Padua to study law, he can make
that things because he born in a well-connected family.
When he finished his career he comes to England again
but the Queen Mary1st of England. in 1556 expatriates
him in exile in Switzerland but when the Queen Mary’s
death and she’s half-sister Elisabeth the 1rst became the
new Queen Walsingham was in northern Italy.
Walsingham return to England for Elisabeth’s I
coronation ceremony in 1558.
 His friendship with Sir William Cecil helped him to
become a member of Parliament in 1559. Walsingham
‘The Spymaster’ was the counsellor of the Queen
Elisabeth I but, to protect his Queen he had to secretly
spy on in Norfolk's allied group of royal court to
preventing the Ridolfi Plot. Walsingham managed to
stop the conspiracy, killing the Queen Mary of Scots
and executing to the enemies of the Queen.
 Sir Francis Walsingham dedicated his
life to the service of the Queen and the
town until the end of his days arrives in
1590 in Chislehurst.
 He was an English military and political, was born
around 1532 and died in Cornbury (Oxfordshire) on
September 4, 1588.
 He was ‘friend’ of Edward VI and Elizabeth I, was the
son of the influential John Dudley, Earl of Warwick
and Duke of Northumberland. He tried that Jane Gray
got the throne of England instead of Mary Tudor.
 He was the leader of a Protestant sect.
 In the film we can see that Robert Dudley is in love of
Elizabeth and he wants to marry with her. He has
some problems with the Queen.
 Sir Francis Walsingham and William Cecil weren’t
agree of that relationship with the Queen.
 We can see that when Dudley sees that he can’t stay
with the Queen he decides to meet with a Queen’s
friend and she have to dress up exacly like the Queen.
 William Cecil, 1st baron of Burghley, was born in
Linconshire 13th September 1520 and he dead in
London 4th August in 1598. He entered parliament in
the reign of Edward VIII. He was one of the directors
of the queen Elizabeth until she granted him the title
of Baron of Burghley
 He and Francis Walsingham were the advisors of the
Queen .
 Cecil reinforced the Army and Navy, and due of the
periodic threats Catholic rebellion against the Queen,
managed to organize a dense network of spies from the
hand of Sir Francis Walsingham, his main collaborator.
His main rival in court was the queen's favorite, Robert
Dudley, who had important problems for Queen’s
 He is the person who cares for Elizabeth. Elizabeth has
a great affection ha that has been with her from the
first moment. As appreciation for her years of service
to the Queen Elizabeth , she decides to give her the
title Baron Burghley
 He has an important role in the film. His name is
Thomas Howard, and he appears as a village in the
film. He lives in the palace with the Queen and he
wants to kill her. He can’t do it so he contracts people
to kill her.
 He is against the Queen because Elisabeth was
protestant and he can’t respect his religion and he
wants to change it. Whereupon he can’t change it he
tries to kill her. Mary was Christian and Norfolk
helped her a lot but he hates Elisabeth for being
 In the film, at the beginning Elisabeth respects the two
religions so Norfolk doesn’t try to do nothing but
then, while she is deciding what religion she want for
his people, Norfolk knows that she wants Protestant
religion. Then, he tries to kill her but Elisabeth knows
that and she orders to her soldiers to kill him for
 Francis, the Duke of Anjou was a man a bit fool, he was
youngest son of Henry II of France and Catherine the
Medici. When he was a child he had smallpox and
smallpox poer and deformation in the column change
step name and Hercules to Francisco (the name of his
dead brother).
 In the film he go asked for marry Elisabeth. When
Elisabeth received the Duke of Anjou, he made a joke
because he dressed as one of her servant and Elisabeth
was kissed by a servant because she thought he was
the duke of Anjou. When the Duke of Anjou and
Elisabeth went sailing the life of Elisabeth was in
danger twice. And Anjou was seen by Elisabeth
wearing as a woman.
 Later the duke of Anjou fell seriously ill with "tertian
ague", or malaria. Catherine de' Medici brought him
back to Paris. The 10 June 1584 the duke of Anjou
 When we have done this activity we have learnt lot of
interesting things about England, Elizabeth and all the
characters. Now when we have learn this we can
understand lots of things that happened in the film
that we didn’t know why where happening or Gloria
should tell us why that was happening it has been very
interesting working in that activity.
 In this group we haven’t had any problem we
worked as a team and everyone has done his own part,
in that aspect we are very happy.
 I hope you enjoyed it!

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