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By: James Buckley Jr.
PowerPoint By: Christina Sulfaro
Pele’s birth name is Edson Arantes Do
Nascimento. He was born October 23, 1940 in
Tres Coracoes, Brazil. When he was four him
and his family moved to Bauru, Brazil. Pele is
most famous for being one of the best
professional soccer players.
Before Pele was famous he was just a regular kid. He was very
poor. Pele and his brother Jair and all their friends of Bauru would
play soccer on the streets. They couldn’t afford soccer balls or
cleats. For a soccer ball they used a stretched out sock and stuffed
it with torn up rags or newspaper. They didn’t even wear shoes,
they played barefoot. His mother Celeste never watched any of his
games because she didn’t want him to suffer the sadness and pain
her husband did. When Pele was 11 years old someone donated
soccer shoes to him because he saw them playing barefoot. Di
Brito taught him many things like the famous Bicycle kick.
When Pele was 15 he met some professional soccer players when he joined
the Sao Paulo club Santos. When he was 16 he scored his first professional
goal for Santos. Some of the older players called him “Gasolina” because
of his continuous energy. He was leaning towards being on the
professional team and making $75.00. When he turned seventeen he was
the lead scorer in the Sao Paulo league. Then he was chosen to be on the
world cup team of Brazil. He was a little nervous because only 22 people
went to Sweden. Whoever got hurt automatically wasn’t on the team
because they wouldn’t be able to play for a while. He hurt his knee
during a game against Corinthians. He was very nervous because he
knew he wouldn’t be able to go. That is why he kept it to himself. Then he
made the team and went to Sweden. He scored a hat trick in a world cup
semifinal. Now since Pele is a superstar he doesn’t only belong to Brazil
he belongs to the world. He has gone from a regular poor kid to the most
famous person in the world.
When Pele turned 18 in late 1959 early 1960 he was on 5 different teams. He also
scored the greatest goal ever at Maracana Stadium. They even put up a plaque
declaring it was the greatest goal ever. The only thing Pele had to worry about now
was an injury, and that was exactly what had happened to him. He badly strained
his left groin muscle in the pre tournaments. To a soccer player that muscle is very
Early in the next game against Czechoslovakia Pele took a hard shot. It hit the
post and Pele fell to the ground. Pele had hurt his groin muscle even more than it
already was and could barely walk. Since he was so good he couldn’t be replaced,
so he hobbled back in. They won a second straight world cup game 3-1.
In 1966 Pele got married to the woman he had loved for years, Rosemari. The
next game the coach chose to leave Pele out of the lineup so his muscle could heel.
In 1967 Pele and Rosemari have a daughter named Kelly. 1969 was one of the
best days of his life. He scored his 1000th goal in his career at Maracana Stadium.
In 1974 Pele was at the end of his soccer career for Santos. After he had played
for 18 years. Now he was a business man. The bad thing about it was that he
needed the money. He was $2,000,000 in debt. To make a lot of money fast he
knew what he had to do; go back in the soccer career on the North American
Soccer League (NASL). Since he was going to go on the American team his family
and him moved to America from Brazil.
In 1977 the Cosmos set a record for 32,000 fans for one game. The next game
the week after they broke the record they just set with 62,319. In both games Pele
scored a hat trick. “The soccer bowl NASL championship was Pele’s last game
(again!)” They played in a rainstorm in Portland, Oregon. The cosmos won 2-1
against Seattle Sounders. Out of all the games which was 1363 games Pele scored
1281 goals. Only one other person did better, Arthur Friedenreich.
Today Pele is divorced with Rosemari but married to Assiria Lemos. Now he is
a sports minister.
Pele’s name made the top of BBC poll as the greatest player in world cup
history. N one else has a chance of approaching that though a couple of people
came close. Like David beckham who followed Pele’s footsteps by signing Los
Angeles Galaxy in 2007.
No one will ever make it as far as Pele did with his love for the game and his
1955 Pele
joins Sao
Paulo club
1940 Edon
Arantes Do
is born
1958 Pele
makes the
national Team
1956 Pele
scores his first
1970 Pele
leads Brazil
to 3rd world
cup title
1969 Pele
scores his
career goal
1975Pele plays
his 1st game for
New York
1971 Pele
plays his last
game for
National team
2000 Pele is
voted FIFA
player of the
1977 Pele leads
Cosmos to
Pele led his Brazilian teams to 3 world cup games. He was the first
Player to ever win all 3 world cup games.
Pele scores his 1000th career goal at Maracana stadium. In his
entire career he scored a total of 1281 goals out of 1363 games.
When he started to play soccer in America on the USA Cosmos he
made people more aware of the sport. Today soccer is very popular.
The most interesting thing I have learned about Pele while
reading this book was that he scored 1281 goals out of 1363 games.
That’s an awesome thing to be proud of. The game where he had
998 goals was very exciting because he was trying to see if he
could get to 1000 and he did. Some fan even ripped of his shirt
which was #10 and gave him a new shirt which was #1000.
1. Why did you quit soccer the first time if
you loved it so much?
2. When you came out of the game with an
injury why did you go back in? It could only
get worse.
3. Do you think playing in the American
League helped your career and made you
more famous?
Buckley, J. (2007). Pele. New York: DK publishing.

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