Hero or Villain? - Suffolk New Academy

“I was working in the hospital one
night. An innocent man had been
shot by mistake in a gang fight. Al
Capone came to the hospital to
see the man. He promised to pay
for all the medicine the man
needed. He said it didn’t matter if
it cost a million dollars.”
- A doctor in Chicago
“In 1930 I did not have a job.
Nobody wanted to give an
Italian man like me a job. Al
Capone started a good street
kitchen. We could eat food
there for free. He looked after
- An Italian man in Chicago
“One day Al Capone came to my
“When Al Capone shot
somebody, he would send flowers school. He gave fresh milk to all
of the children. He wanted them
to their family to say sorry.”
all to be healthy. He paid for
children all over Chicago to have
fresh milk everyday”.
- A man in Chicago
- An Italian teacher in Chicago
“It was very bad when Prohibition
started. I needed alcohol. Alcohol
made me feel better in my difficult
life. Al Capone gave us alcohol again.
I was very happy. But sometimes the
alcohol he made was dangerous. It
did kill some people”.
“Al Capone was an awful man. He
killed hundreds of people with his
gang. It was not safe to walk on
the streets at night”.
- An Italian woman in Chicago
- An Italian man in Chicago
“Al Capone was a horrible
gangster. He made dangerous
alcohol. The alcohol made my
husband go blind. Al Capone did
not care. He just wanted money”.
“Al Capone did not pay his taxes.
He had so much money, but he
never gave it to the government
like everybody else”.
- An American man
- An Italian woman in Chicago

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