This is a close up shot of Mercutio and Romeo both
smiling having a good time. This shows how
Mercutio is a good friend and can always cheer a
mate up. That he is always up for a laugh and fun.
Also that how two people can have such different
personalities but be so close and such great of
This is a medium shot of Mercutio this shows he has a
very different personality. As this is him dressed up as a
drag queen. It shows he is different and weird character.
That he has different thoughts and ideas. He has very
unique sort of way and he wants to stand out to be a
show stopper.
This is a two shot with Romeo and
Mercutio. This shows he is loyal friend
that he would fight any battle. But he is
angry though that Tybalt has insulted him
and Romeo. This shot shows the angry
dark side of him, that it’s not all games
and his immature side that he can get
angry and violent very quickly.
This is a close up shot of Mercutio it is when he has been
making fun and teasing Tybalt and then Tybalt makes a
comment about him and Romeo being a couple. This
shows that, that is a weak spot for him and he is quite
sensitive. He gets very angry and tries to retaliate.
Tybalt made that comment because he wanted to
agitate Mercutio and get a reaction out of him.
This is an over the shoulder, close up of Benvolio and
Mercutio when they are playing out the fight that will
happen between Romeo and Tybalt. This shows that
there is a childish and immature side to Mercutio and
Benvolio. We never know when to take Mercutio
seriously or not because of his childish behaviour. It
also shows that they are trusting of each other because
they are playing with the guns and not even worried
about it.
This is when Mercutio has been stabbed by Tybalt and
he realises he is very seriously injured. He then yells
“Plague on both your houses.” because he is punishing
both of them but predicting bad things at the same time.
It shows he regrets getting mixed up in the fight
because has lost his life to silly feud between two
A This is a mid shot of
Mercutio and Romeo after he
has been stabbed by Tybalt.
Mercutio is facing away from
Romeo because he doesn't
want to show him that he has
been seriously injured. Also
he doesn't want the others to
see him in pain or to show
that he is weak because he is
the one that never worries
about anything.
This is a mid-shot / close up of Mercutio just
before he and Romeo go to the party. This
shows Mercutio’s crazy and unique side.
Mercutio is dressed up as a drag queen to
show that he is different, whether Romeo is
dressed as a knight. This is also when
Mercutio gives Romeo “Love drugs”, this
shows that Mercutio is into crazy and out of
the ordinary stuff.
This is a close up of Mercutio. Mercutio is a
very unique and crazy person but under all
that he is still scared and vulnerable, as we
see in his facial expression. Mercutio is like
this in this shot because he has just been
stabbed by Tybalt. Mercutio is mostly crazy
and childish but throughout the film we see
his serious side.
This is a mid-shot of Mercutio at the beach
waiting for Romeo to come back. This shows
that Mercutio trusts himself enough to be
able to joke around with guns in a public
Mercutio in the party scene dresses up as a drag queen.
This shows how he is different minded and has a weird
sense of character. It shows how he has a different spirit
and a way of life. As many of the other costumes where
normal and traditional. It shows that he is an outsider
that wants to stand out and he is also immature. The drag
queen look is a complex design.
Mercutio normally wears a white shirt undone and black
jeans. The white shirt shows us that he is neither a
Montague nor a Capulet as Montagues wear Hawaiian
shirts and Capulets wear black leather. It helps us see
that he doesn’t belong to anyone. Also the fact that he is
African-American shows he is an outsider.
Is best friends with Romeo, we see this at the start of the
film when Mercutio is cheering up Romeo because he
has just had his heart broken. Mercutio then takes him to
the Capulets party were he meets his true love. But their
relationship changes when Mercutio’s death occurs.
Mercutio puts a curse on the Montague and Capulet
families. This relationship of Mercutio and Romeo shows
us how two families feud causes innocent people harm
and death.
Mercutio is powerful in this relationship as he is
stronger and isn’t afraid of a fight. Their relationship
doesn’t change throughout the movie. It shows us that
outsiders can join a family and can be even more
Mercutio is an important role because he looks out for
Romeo and is always sticking up for him and is willing
to put his life on the line to save him. Mercutio is
Romeos best friend, he is always worried about what
he’s doing or where he’s going, for example When
Nurse comes for Romeo and Mercutio shoots his gun to
get Romeos attention and asks where he is going?, why
aren’t you telling me where you are going?. Mercutio is
also important as he brings the humour to the film, for
example when he dresses up as a drag queen for the
Capulet’s party. Mercutio is also a very big part of how
Juliet and Romeo meet, he was the one who persuaded
Romeo to forget about Rosaline and go to the party
where he falls in love with Juliet.
The audience doesn’t see much change in Mercutio’s personality throughout
the movie as he only is around for part of the movie
At the beginning of the film we immediately see that
Mercutio is quite a joker as he dresses up as a drag
queen for the Capulet’s party. Mercutio also likes to be
the centre of attention, so by dressing up and acting up
everyone gave him the attention he wanted.
In the middle of the film just before Mercutio’s death he
becomes quite serious and worried about not only
Romeo’s life but his own. Mercutio still finds a way to act
up and be silly though, for example just before he gets
stabbed by Tybalt he still finds enough courage to act
up in front of him and results in him getting stabbed,
even before he dies he still jokes about and acts up.
Mercutio becomes very angry causing him to curse on
both the Montagues and Capulets houses, “A plague o’
both of your houses. I am sped” Meaning “I’ve been
hurt. May a plague curse both your families I’m
QUOTES: ‘And to sink in it, should you burthen love—
Too great oppression for a tender thing.’
MEANING: ‘If you sink, you’re dragging love down. It’s
not right to drag down something as tender as love.’
This quote shows that Mercutio treasures love and
believes it is a special thing. It shows that he has a
sensitive and soft side and is not always childish. He also
wants Romeo to treasure love and treat it right.
QUOTE: ‘A plague on both your houses.’
MEANING: ‘May plague curse both your houses’
This quote shows that Mercutio is cursing the houses as
well as predicting what is going to happen to them. This
shows how Mercutio wants revenge because he lost his
life to a silly feud between two families.
QUOTE: ‘She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes
In shape no bigger than an agate stone
On the forefinger of an alderman,
Drawn with a team of little atomi
Over men’s noses as they lie asleep.
Her wagon spokes made of long spinners' legs,
The cover of the wings of grasshoppers,
Her traces of the smallest spider’s web,
Her collars of the moonshine’s watery beams,
Her whip of cricket’s bone, the lash of film,
Her wagoner a small gray-coated gnat,
Not half so big as a round little worm
Pricked from the lazy finger of a maid.’
MEANING:‘She’s the fairies' midwife. She’s no bigger
than the stone on a city councilman’s ring. She rides
around in a wagon drawn by tiny little atoms, and she
rides over men’s noses as they lie sleeping. The spokes
of her wagon are made of spiders' legs. The cover of her
wagon is made of grasshoppers' wings. The harnesses
are made of the smallest spiderwebs. The collars are
made out of moonbeams. Her whip is a thread attached
to a cricket’s bone. Her wagon driver is a tiny bug in a
gray coat; he’s not half the size of a little round worm.
It was believed that worms sprung from the fingers of
young girls who sat about doing nothing. Worm that
comes from the finger of a lazy young girl.’
Mercutio says this quote when he is on drugs so that
effects it. It shows that he is supernatural and believes in
things like fairies. It also shows that he thinks in a
different way to others and is different. He also believes
in things that any other person wouldn’t.
Mercutio is like Fin from the notebook. He is like him
because he is the one that introduces them and then he
makes sure that they see each other by organising them
to meet at the movies. Fin like Mercutio is Noah’s ‘wing
man’ and is always loyal to him. Fin can always cheer
Noah up when he is down. He is always by his side and
like Mercutio and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet Noah is by
Fins side when he dies.

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