Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier
The Famous Explorer!!
Facts about Jacques Cartier
• Jacques Cartier was born
on December 31, 1491
• He was born in St. Malo
France and died on
September 1, 1557
• Cartier had 3 voyages to
the New World. Jacques
was the 1st to travel to the
New World. Cartier claimed
Canada for France!
The French flag
Cartier is from France
 All his voyages left
from France to the
New World or
 The French flag is
blue, white, red
 The two pictures here
show the French flag
Dates of Exploration
The dates that he explored were 1534-1542. Cartier
had three voyages in all. His 1st voyage started in
1534 and ended in 1535. His 2nd trip started in 1535
and ended in 1541. The 3rd started in 1541 and
ended in 1542. Later on he died in 1557.
Jacques Cartier
sailed second
voyage to the
New World,
settled by St.
Lawrence River
Cartier first
voyage to the
New World.
Cartier was
born in Malo
Jacques Cartier
was his third and
final voyage to the
New World.
Jacques Cartier voyaged up
the St. Lawrence River and
was stopped by the Lachine
Rapids. He spend the winter
which 25 of his men died of
Cartier died in
St. Malo France
Reason for Exploration
The reason Jacques Cartier sailed
was because he wanted to find
gold so he could return it to the
king. He also went for the
diamonds to make his country
more rich. Cartier went mostly so
that he would find a quicker way
to get to Asia. Having the easier
path would help because then
there country could get more
goods from China like silk, beans
and fabric! He also received a
scrimshaw ivory tusk carving.
Cartier got it from the Indians that
were there.
The Route of Jacques Cartier
• Jacques Cartier had 3 voyages.
Each one went from France to the
New World. Cartier’s routes were
mostly up the St. Lawrence river
and back but not all of them were.
Cartier’s 1st voyage’s route passed
Newfoundland, and up and out of
the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.
Cartier’s 2nd voyage’s route passed
the Gulf of St. Lawrence into the
St. Lawrence river and out, then
he exited out a different way.
Cartier’s 3rd voyage he reached
Hocheloga (Montreal) and after
loosing many men that winter
because of scurvy. He returned to
France ending his 3rd and final
What happened after?
After Jacques Cartier finished
his explorations he did many
good things for France and for
the world.
One example would be is
that he made a great big
settlement for France in what
we now call Quebec!
Another thing that Cartier did
was he claimed a bunch of
land for France. That
definitely made the king really
happy! :]
The last thing that helps us
today is Jacques Cartier
made gigantic change in our
maps. Without his help we
may have never been able to
find the New World. Imagine
having NO North America or
no Canada and don’t leave
South America out.
Interesting Facts
Some interesting facts about Cartier is that since he was
so famous there was successfully a bridge named after
him. The bridge passes the Jacques Cartier river and
crosses over to Montreal Island!
Other things that make Jacques so special is that in
Vieux port of Montreal there is a monument that states
the dates he was alive and other facts in French!
Got Pictures!
Did you know?
 Jacques Cartier was named
after a lot of things. Although
he found the St. Lawrence
river you would think that he
would be named after it right,
but he’s not!
 Instead of being named after
the St. Lawrence he was
named after a different river.
 The name of that river is
called the Jacques Cartier
river. It’s located in Quebec,
Canada. What’s funny is that
above the river is the Jacques
Cartier bridge and that’s what
makes it special!

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