THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH By Patrick Skene Catling

By Patrick Skene Catling
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The genre of The Chocolate Touch is fiction. It is fiction because not all
of the things that happen in this book can happen in real life. For
example, everything that John puts into his mouth turns to chocolate.
This can not happen.
The first setting of The Chocolate Touch takes place in John’s house
when his parents are trying to get him to eat healthy food. Another
setting in this book is on the street where John finds the coin and
where he goes into the candy store that he buys the magical
chocolate box. The third setting is in Doctor Craniums office when
John’s mom takes him to see what is wrong with him.
People who like chocolate will enjoy The Chocolate Touch. This book is
about a boy in fourth grade named John. John’s favorite candy is
chocolate. He eats chocolate every hour of the day. John ate way too
much chocolate and his mother noticed that he started to get red
bumps all over his face. She thought the bumps where from John
eating too much chocolate so she took him to the doctor who told him
he must stop eating it but he doesn’t.
One day, he finds a coin with JM on one side and a fat face on the other
side. He sees a candy store that he never saw before and went in and
bought a magical box of chocolates. It was magic because everything
that he ate or touched with his lips turned to chocolate. He was eating
so much chocolate that he felt so sick. He even turned his mother into
a chocolate statue! For the first time, all he really wanted was healthy
food and water, but everything he touched turned to chocolate.
John didn’t know what to do. He went back to the candy store and the
owner told him that only greedy people could see the coin that he
found and bought the chocolate with. If he stopped being that way,
everything would turn back to normal.
If you want to see what happened, you should read the book!
I would recommend the book The Chocolate Touch to everyone. I
thought it was a great book that had a good lesson. The lesson was not
to be greedy and to think about others. There were parts of the book
that were funny and made me laugh. There were also parts that were
sad. I think anyone who reads the book The Chocolate Touch would like

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