Snowball The Pig

By Ray and Gavin.
Snowball wrote the original seven commandments.
He wanted to spread the rebellion to other farms but this was ceased by Napoleon's act of
expelling him.
Snowball was very intelligent and was always thinking of ways that he thought could better the
farm. In fact, it was his idea to built the windmill that Napoleon stole.
He always disagreed with Napoleon and they found it hard to agree on things.
Napoleon used Snowball as something he could blame all problems with the farm on for
example, when bark fell of the trees it was Snowball that did it and when the windmill was
destroyed it was Snowball who took the blame.
Snowball has been viewed by critics as portraying Trotsky and Lenin of the Russian revolution
that this story is based on.
Snowball believed strongly that all animals deserve to be educated for the sake of passing on
knowledge to future generations. This is what really sets him apart from the other pigs who use
the animals disadvantage in intelligence to their advantage.
Snowball is like Napoleon in the way that they both want to lead the farm to
greatness but Napoleon would rather take everything for himself while
Snowball is a lot more selfless.
 Snowball seems to be smarter that the other animals, he came up with many
of the ideas that Napoleon warped to his own advantages including that
windmill, the commandments, and he wanted the Sunday meeting to still
take place after Napoleon declared they wouldn’t.
 Snowball and Clover seem alike as well. They both only want the best for
animal farm and it’s inhabitants.
 Snowball is the only pig who
isn’t greedy for control over the other
animals. He only wants to make their
lives more enjoyable and carefree while
the others want to replant the retiree
grazing field with barley for beer that only
they will drink.
 Snowball is believed to represent Leon Trotsky who was the leader with Stalin of
the Russian revolution.
 Trotsky was exiled by his former partner in leadership, Stalin, as was Snowball by
 After Trotsky was exiled Stalin made up a bunch of lies to ruin his reputation with
the people of Russia just like Napoleon blamed any mishaps on snowball to make
the animals distrust him.
Like Napoleon, Stalin acted out of greed
and lust for power while Trotsky wanted to
better the lives of all Russians.
Snowball always wanted the other animals to gain the ability to read and
He viewed man’s inventions as a way he could better the lives of his
fellow comrades instead of evil devises or ways to gain power over others
like Napoleon did.
Snowball carried on Old Majors hope for a human free England where
animals governed themselves and weren't slaves of humanity.
We believe that near the end of Snowballs stay on the farm he wanted to
get rid of Napoleon because he was taking advantage of other animals
but was stopped by his expultion.
Contributions to Animal Farm
 Snowball was the one who thought of building a windmill before
Napoleon stole his idea.
 He was the only pig who thought all animals should be
 Snowball wrote the original 7 commandments on the side of the
 He was the reason that the animals one the Battle of Cowshed
with his brilliant idea of a tactical retreat to make Jones think
he one for the moment.
 He tried to spread animalism through pigeons that he sent to
other farms.
Criticism From Other Sources
 Orwell’s Animal Farm became “a critical and popular
triumph” after it was finally published and printed by the
leftist firm of Secker & Warburg. Animal Farm is
regarded as Orwell’s most influential work along with
Nineteen Eighty-Four and Homage to Catalonia. It was
translated into many different languages and Joseph
Stalin wasted no time banning the Russian version in all
Soviet-ruled areas when it came out. It’s intricate and
understandable apporach to political systems and
corruption make Animal Farm a classic work and a
“lasting achievement.”

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